Wednesday, July 31

happy birthday hedi

Hedi Slimane had a birthday party last week, and of course, he took pretty amazing pictures. Now I can totally see how he comes up with Saint Laurent.

Monday, July 29

rambling rose

Free People has a lovely new lookbook out called "Rambling Rose." I'm really not going to spend time trying to decipher what rambling rose means, but instead just drool over Free People's amazing layering. It's summer layering too, which makes it just that much more perfect. Not to mention all the beautiful kimonos...

Sunday, July 28


Some good street style shots for summer are getting hard to find. I think layering is really where people show off their "skills" but it can definitely be difficult with the heat. Long flowing skirts always go off well, especially when you can drape it nicely with an oversized shirt, which seems impossible to do unless you're a size 0. As far as overalls, which are pretty big for summer, I bought a good vintage Calvin Klein pair, but after having it sit in my closet for a while, it went back onto the market. I do love overalls, don't get me wrong, but you have to really have an effortless "put together" look to make sure it looks cool and new. Not boring and put together. I'd rather not be sporting a trend if it's going to look boring on me. Eh.

Thursday, July 25

Lookbook: UNIF Good Daze

UNIF has a new lookbook video called Good Daze. Really pickin' up with this 70s vibe. Imagine if you took a tab of acid just before you decided to cover your walls with psychedelic flowers. Consequence: this video.

Sunday, July 14

the heat

The thing I really hate about summer (especially in LA) is it gets so freaking hot that sometimes I feel no need whatsoever to make an attempt at a good outfit. My sweaty palms are turned off by rings and bracelets and my kimonos lie unused. I think about putting on some boots and then think "why would I cover up my feet at all?" Normally what I would call laziness is just overtaken by the heat. Hopefully you're not feeling the same and will use these photos as some great inspiration for your summer outfits.

Wednesday, July 3


Widow; Givenchy; Jeremy Scott; Rihanna for River Island; Urban Outfitters; UNIF

I don't know if I've mentioned this before, but I'm really loving baseball hats. Forwards, backwards, whatever, they're becoming kick-ass. Especially because they're not your average boring baseball hat. The baseball hat has seriously become re-invented and they're starting to become a street style staple.