Sunday, August 11

love & lemons cont.

I felt like the last post on For Love & Lemons really didn't show the full appreciation I have for this brand nor did it give enough reason as to why the brand is so amazing. So naturally I decided to make this week's street style post dedicated to For Love & Lemons. They deserve it.

Tuesday, August 6

love & lemons

For Love & Lemons has a new lookbook out starring our Muse Chloe Norgaard and all her rainbow brite hair. While I love Chloe Norgaard and I am in love/obsessed with the brand For Love & Lemons, the lookbook highlights more of Chloe's lovely aspects instead of their amazing clothes. The clothes are really amazing. Kinda pricey, but amazing.

Sunday, August 4

sunglasses and sundresses

Enjoy your Sunday. And always remember to never leave the house without good sunglasses and a pretty dress.

Saturday, August 3

mountain high

Seriously loving Wasteland's new trends section. While the lookbook "Mountain High" isn't there, you should still check it out. Mountain High basically shows off all the new vintage that hit the online shop. Long layers and romantic dresses never get old to me.

Shop the Mountain High lookbook HERE.

Thursday, August 1

freak folk

I know I don't usually post guy anything, but this lookbook really illustrates what I've been thinking lately. I had a conversation last night about how a guys style can really take him far in life. Even if he has other qualities about him that aren't necessarily positive, good style can seriously take a guy far. With female styles, there are so many trends happening at the same time and so many girls think they're the ones with style when it's just impossible to measure. Guys on the other hand either have style, or they don't.