Wednesday, November 30

i've been waiting, waiting and wishing

velvet Doc Martens; Rodarte hair comb; Jeremy Scott pill leggings; T by Alexander Wang shirtdress; Alexander McQueen scarf

My holiday wish list. I have three pairs of doc martens and I truly believe that you can never have enough. Not to mention they're supposed to last for the rest of your life! 

I've been really loving Rodarte more and more each season. They have this perfect romantic edge mix and I absolutely love this art-deco style hair comb. It looks like it could be a vintage piece from the 1920s.

Jeremy Scott is, however, my favorite designer and I try to get something of his each season. It really depends on the items though, as I do not have money to burn. Luckily for me his leggings are always moderately priced. 

I absolutely love chiffon, especially when used in that whole "censored"trend. T by Alexander Wang gets more and more intricate each season (remember when they started out they literally had about 5 plain pieces)! 

The skull scarf by Alexander McQueen is practically iconic and every year I try to make room in my budget to buy one, but Topshop and Opening Ceremony are too tempting, and in the end, they usually win. 

Song of the Day: "Come Alive" by Hanni el Khatib

Tuesday, November 29

i see a red door and i want to paint it black

Like so many Americans I too took advantage of black Friday deals. Online of course. There's no way in hell I'm going shopping anywhere on black Friday. Some of the deals I found useable: buy one get one half off at American Apparel, free shipping at Urban Outfitters and 30% off the UNIF website shop. God that list sounds pretty hipster....but the UNIF buy should redeem me of my lame-ness. The items above are what I scored.

Song of the Day: "Paint it Black" by The Rolling Stones

Monday, November 28

Muse Monday: Patti Smith

patti smith

The "godmother of punk" Patti Smith defied what it meant to be a female in the 1970s. While everyone was decked out in sequins in the disco, Patti Smith was an androgynous rocker that became one of the most influential singers of the time. While in New York during the early 70s, she lived at the Chelsea Hotel, frequented CBGBs and wrote poetry that she would later perform. Her menswear/rocker style wardrobe has inspired the likes of Hedi Slimane and Rick Owens. Ann Demeulemeester has stated she would have never become a designer if it wasn't for her friendship with Smith.

Song of the Day: "Because the Night" by Patti Smith

Saturday, November 26

unwelcome foreign hands are very hard to find

Some photos I took while I was in Nicaragua including a sign in a volcano museum, some baby Starbucks, my psychedelic "will never get lost" suitcase, an old woman in church with killer purple hair and a graffiti propagandist who apparently wasn't so sure about Nicaragua's communist leader.

Song of the Day: "Totem on the Timeline" by Klaxons

Thursday, November 24

stole my heart

Diane von Furstenberg; Marc by Marc Jacobs; Gucci F/W 2011; Zara; Asos

While there are many coat styles this season, the one I've fallen for is the fur stole. I have many (many, many) coats and last September I found a faux fur stole at H&M. Although it was quite hot at the time (LA summer doesn't end until about late October), the thought of the Gucci F/W runway for the season came to mind. I had to buy that stole, so I did. The great thing about it is it easily goes over any coat (collarless, of course) and transforms any plain coat into one of the seasons "hottest" styles (pun, *cough*cough*). Anyways, what makes these fur stoles instead of fur collars or scarves, is the fur stole has to go over the shoulders, just in case you didn't know. 

Song of the Day: "So Says I" by The Shins

Tuesday, November 22

i'm gonna make somebody love me

Alexander McQueen heels

I remember once walking through the shoe department of a Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza. It was (circa) 2005 and I was a little goth kid waiting for my mom to be done at the beauty department. I was aimlessly walking among these shoes that I could have cared less about. They all looked plain and the same, a sea of neutral colored pumps and plain flats. Then something caught my eye. At first, it was a pair of flats with the British flag embroidered along the top. They were next to a pair of (what I thought) were neutral colored pumps. As I go to grab the British flats, I was startled by the realization that a bare foot was next to my hand. The table was dedicated to Alexander McQueen and my hand was, actually, next to the pair of shoes in the first picture. I was going to dedicate the post to those shoes, the shoes that made me realize designers and high-end fashion were not all a sea of neutral pumps, but after looking through quite a few seasons of McQueen's brilliant insanity, I decided to make the post a bit less specific.

Song of the Day: ¨Do You Want To¨ by FRANZ FERDINAND

Monday, November 21

Muse Monday: Florence Welch


This week's muse is the lovely and talented Florence Welch. While her music has been widely critically acclaimed, big designers have also noticed Ms. Welch's great sense of style. Her on stage outfits are glamorous with fabrics like chiffon and silk that make her look like an angelic figure with hair of fire. Her vintage style is reminiscent of 1940s Hollywood glamor with kimono sleeves and empire waists. She recently played at Chanel's S/S 2012 show and is a front row regular at Givenchy, Valentino and Yves Saint Laurent. We can't wait to see what she will wear (or do) next.

Song of the Day: "What the Water Gave Me" by Florence and the Machine