Sunday, March 31

out of the box

Haven't done a menswear post in a while. I love how the 90s trend isn't just a women's trend, but a lot of guys are catching on too. Well, a lot of brave guys at least. I think you'd have to be a pretty brave guy to wear something that most men won't. All I ever see guys wearing are plain t-shirts and jeans. It's nice to see some people stepping outside of the box.

Friday, March 29


If you've ever roamed through a Nordstrom, you may have seen the Savvy department, noticing the Wildfox Couture and overpriced designer jeans. Well, the department has received a complete 180 transformation. Everything is under $100 and is beyond amazing. Floral skirts, printed bustiers, affordable jewelry, fun graphic tees and amazing dresses cover the "new" savvy floor. Their catalog is amazing too, perfect for Coachella inspiration, and free. Shop the savvy department (which online includes Topshop) HERE.

Sunday, March 24


A couple of years ago, I visited Austin for the first time. I really didn't know what to expect, and honestly just thought "it's Texas, I'm not white, I'm a liberal, I might have a problem." Little did I expect that Austin is pretty much a mecca for bohemian, artsy and liberal types. Pretty much the only city in Texas like that, with the city's unofficial motto being "Keep Austin Weird." They call it weird, I call it rad. Anyways, with SXSW ending this past week, the weird awesomeness of Austin got a little bit bigger. Above are some street style shots from the festival, although honestly, you don't have to go for a festival to see some awesome style.

Friday, March 22

Sky Ferreira x Forever 21

So apparently Sky Ferreira is slowly taking over the world. She doesn't even have a debut album yet, but she seems to be doing just fine going off her looks. Ferreira is the latest model for Forever 21, becoming the face of the store's "festival" collection. While I wouldn't be caught dead wearing Forever 21 at Coachella, Sky looks pretty hot lounging in the sun.

Wednesday, March 20

Lookbook: Dark Rose

Every month, pretty much every retailer debut's a new lookbook, and while some may be hits and misses, you can count on Free People to always have an amazing lookbook. This month is Dark Rose, a blend of the romantic feminism that you've come to expect from Free People, and the darker trend that's been haunting tumblr. Dark lipstick, wavy locks and piled on accessories make for perfect inspiration for the month

Monday, March 18

Muse Monday: Corey Mason

Empire Records

So like I've said in the past, not every Muse has to be real. Fictional characters, in my opinion, are so much more fun. In this case, Corey Mason, played by the lovely Liv Tyler in the cult 90s flick Empire Records. With her unofficial uniform of perfectly cropped sweaters and plaid mini skirts, Corey's wardrobe is a casual grunge look, which has become a pretty popular look. Corey has the awesome job of working in a record store and still manages to be on a path to Harvard University. She single handedly proves that just because you're smart, doesn't mean to can't look rad and have a kick-ass high school job. If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest renting it, because it's not just Corey that has an awesome 90s style.

Sunday, March 17

about face

Happy St. Patrick's Day. Maybe the street style post should feature more green, but anyways, another faceless post. Because I still like the idea. Some of these people think good style has to be accompanied by a model figure and a movie star face. Not true. I don't believe it. I don't think anyone should believe it. I don't think everyone should keep pushing it also.

Friday, March 15

born slippery

Online retailer Dolls Kill has a new lookbook featuring the lovely Nikki Takesh. If you haven't heard of her, don't think you've missed out on anything. She's the person whose famous for knowing who to hang around. With friends like Mark 'Cobrasnake' Hunter, Brooke Candy and Claire Boucher (aka Grimes), it's hard not to be noticed. Anyways, the lookbook is really rad and reminds me of 90s raves. Then again, I wasn't really going to raves in the 90s, so who knows.

Thursday, March 14

space race

So I don't know if many of you have an email subscription to clothing store Wasteland, but I do. And today, I was constantly getting emails, and continuously reading them. Anyways, one of the emails was from Wasteland and had this picture inside. It was advertising their new vintage that arrived online, and all I saw was that epic shirt. It was love at first sight and I immediately clicked the link and scrolled until I found the shirt. Under $50, it's understood that everything from the Wasteland vintage section is one of a kind, with emphasis on one. I raced through the checkout, and bought it. I felt very victorious. I imagine this is what it felt like to the Americans during the space race when they were the first ones to make it to the moon. When I received my "shipped" confirmation, I went back to the page. The shirt was gone. Victorious indeed.

Tuesday, March 12

Lookbook: Gypsy Underground

Wasteland aka "best shop ever" has a new lookbook for March called Gypsy Underground. With an ample amount of shaggy fur and flowers, the lookbook screams 1970s love child. I'm seriously obsessing over the Evil Twin leather fringe skirt featured. It would look so awesome for Coachella, but also looks way too hot for Coachella. Literally. View the rest of the lookbook HERE.

Sunday, March 10

PFW street

Some of my favorite shots from Paris Fashion Week. Those retro, round sunglasses were everywhere. It is definitely one of those trends that is extremely "of the moment." Also very tailored pieces, which we've been seeing pretty much everywhere was the common outfit. I love the bell bottoms look that's starting to pop up too. Hopefully it's a trend we see more of, because I'm kind of over too-tight pants.