Monday, October 31

Muse Monday: Georgia May Jagger

Georgia Jagger

This week's Muse is model/designer Georgia May Jagger. At only 19, her resume is already a mile long and includes ad campaigns with Chanel, H&M and Hudson Jeans (who she also designed for). With bold lips and a million dollar (gap-toothed) smile, she is true rock 'n roll royalty, being the daughter of legendary Rolling Stones frontman Mick Jagger and supermodel Jerry Hall.

Sunday, October 30

we will not be fooled by it

Random street style shots from Berlin showing some of my favorite up and coming trends: bare mid-riffs, mom jeans and fringe kimonos. (And yes, I did say MOM jeans....)

Thursday, October 27

i am walking in my sleep

Rag and Bone "PJ" blouse; Ryan Gosling at Cannes Festival; Tommy Hilfiger Fall 2011; 
Louis Vuitton ad; Alexa Chung for Madewell blouse

I'm really in love with the pajama wear as outerwear trend. I guess because I'm a pretty lazy dresser, and a pajama top is, ironically enough, one of those effortlessly looking pieces. Like a 'just throw it on' type of garment. These were a few of my favorite from this season. Hopefully it's a trend that lasts a little while.

Monday, October 24

Muse Monday: Kate Moss

kate moss style

For this week's (and our first) Muse Monday, it seemed fit to choose one of the most influential and iconic women in our current fashion era. Ms. Moss (now Mrs. Hince) has made her mark on rock 'n roll fashion more than enough times to cement her as a true icon. Her rebellious style is something that many look up to, and she never ceases to amaze with her savvy style.

Sunday, October 23

crying lightning

So I'm still not over the whole galaxy/cosmic mini trend (my Jeffrey Campbell "Cosmic" Lita's JUST came in!!), and already, a slight prediction into a new direction. A new natural wonder prediction, that is. Lightning is something I've been slightly seeing more and more often. I much prefer the literal scenes of lightning instead of the implied versions (the Topshop dress at the top), but for now, this will have to do.

Friday, October 21

kiss with a fist

A couple of photos I took today. I've become really proud of my ever growing ring collection. Heave metals and chunky pieces with a slight macabre tone, I think, sums up the collection. I make my Halloween costume every year and this year I decided to be a Native American. I know, I know, very original, but I tried to make it slightly over the top with a feathered head piece I made. I'm kind of proud of it, and hopefully I have more pictures of the entire piece soon. Also I received (finally, after about 2 weeks delay) my Topshop Unique jumper. I was so surprised at how soft and comfy it is. I really love the Topshop Unique collections every season, and make an effort to get my hands on a piece or two.

Thursday, October 20

Versace for H&M

Versace for H&M

A couple of pieces from the much anticipated Versace for H&M line. I actually wasn't expecting it to have so many cool pieces for guys, actually, cool pieces in general. I was expecting something much more simple. I suppose because of other designers going safe for their collaborations (i.e. Karl Lagerfeld for Macys, Lanvin for H&M). I'm obsessed with these pieces and can't wait for the collection to hit stores Saturday November 19.

View the rest of the collection HERE.