Friday, May 31

Lazy Oaf X Nasty Gal

So the Lazy Oaf for Nasty Gal collection has been a long time coming. Little hints and pictures dropped here and there. It really keeps up with the 90s trend as well as playing along with the foodie trend I've been seeing. It's very kitschy to say the least, and there are a few pieces I actually really like. The dress in the last pic is super cute but still very understated compared to some of the other pieces. The cropped sweatshirt, however, is one item I feel the urge to pick up. I just love the little eyeball patch. You can shop and look at the rest of the lookbook HERE.

Wednesday, May 29

soft summer punk

Online retailer Asos has some pretty great things going for it this week. One: everything is 20%off. Two: their new magazine has Sky Ferreira on the cover. Three: Sky Ferreira handpicked over 150 items from the retailer. The lookbook, reminiscent of a skate punk turned juvenile delinquent, features Sky in some of the items she picked. For all of the items and more of the lookbook and magazine click HERE.

Monday, May 27

Muse Monday: Lily Aldridge

Street Style: Lily Aldridge

Lily Aldridge is best known as a fashion model and sister to fellow model Ruby Aldridge. While the Aldridge sisters both have serious style, Lily is definitely more classic. Always with the latest accessories, Lily definitely knows how to put of-the-moment pieces together in a way to make them much more desirable. If Audrey Hepburn was young today, she and Lily would dress exactly the same. Take a closer look, and you can see she takes simple items and elevates them. For example, plain black pants are so boring, but leather black pants? Lily can make a simple outfit unique and still keep it totally classy.

Sunday, May 26


During these bipolar Spring days, there are two pieces of outerwear that I can always rely on. For the chillier days, a good flannel, and for warmer days, a kimono. My mind is already in summer mode, so I do need things that will cover me while I wait for the heat of summer to arrive. Flannels are always great, especially because you can find them anywhere, even at Goodwill. I rarely find flannel that's not in good condition. As for kimonos, they're usually a slight investment piece. A great vintage velvet burnout will definitely set you back a couple hundred, although there are lighter chiffon styles that you can find at Forever 21 under $40. But c'mon, vintage is sooooooooo much better.

Saturday, May 25

"The Road to Coachella"

Topshop doesn't often release lookbooks anymore or short films, so when they do, you know it's gonna be good. This one, however, came about a month too late. The short film starring Kate Bosworth called "The Road to Coachella" is just that. If they released it before Coachella actually happened, I may like it a little more. Anyways, no harm in watching a minute and a half video. Not to mention it does give a lot of summer inspiration in general. 

Thursday, May 16

Lookbook: Los LAndia

Featuring some of my absolute favorite micro trends that I've been obsessing over, Wasteland's new lookbook is a grunge dream. Eyeballs, Bart Simpson, baseball caps and one of my favorite models, the whole lookbook sums up what LA is all about right now. Tattoo chokers and platform sneakers make the perfect accessories for a post-grunge look. Definitely diggin' this shit.

Sunday, May 12


Interesting separates that I've been obsessing over lately. These were all found on tumblr, and tumblr really is a great way to get DIY inspiration. I just bought the golden tooth necklace from an online Etsy store. (Etsy....another great place!) Things that are DIY are just so much more amazing. You usually can't buy them and they are truly unique and one of a kind. Two of the most important aspects when buying clothes, in my opinion. Not to mention when someone asks you where you got that item and you say you made it yourself. It's really a great feeling.

Thursday, May 9


While I wouldn't normally post about something like the Met Gala that everyone else would be talking about, I found it extremely hard to resist. After all, if anything has to be more inspired by music, it would be this year's Met Gala, Punk: Chaos to Couture. Some people apparently got the memo while others didn't. I don't quite understand why you would wear a pink or spring floral gown to something that is called punk, but whatever. At the same time, not everyone really pulled it off. Anyways, above are some of my favorite. Sienna Miller's spiked out jacket, Florence Welch's floor gazing leather fringe, Tommy Hilfigher's plaid suit, January Jones' crazy eye make-up and Kelly Osbourne's arm-candy Matthew Mosshart (aka Alison Mossharts brother).