Monday, July 30

Muse Monday: Cory Kennedy


I'm not too into those girls who are famous for nothing. Here in LA, there's a lot of those girls. I don't pay too much attention, but a while back, one girl in particular had the internet buzzing, and all the local LA papers had articles about her. Cory Kennedy is famous for essentially being stick thin, having cool friends and having a ridiculously rad sense of style. Mainly her friendly connections have made her famous and those friends include the Cobra Snake, Lindsay Lohan, Albert Hammond Jr., Jeremy Scott, Paris Hilton, Peaches Geldof, Florence Welch and Agyness Deyn, although those are really the only ones I can currently think of. She has been on the cover of WWD and Nylon, written about in LA Weekly and Gawker and is basically always somewhere. Her blog which is mainly a photo diary, hi-lites her crazy parties with her insane friends in posh clubs all over the world. A girl about town with a killer style, Kennedy dated James from Klaxons, which definitely solidifies her as a Muse. If a Klaxon loves her, we can certainly do the same.

Song of the Day: "Isle Of Her" by Klaxons

Sunday, July 29

you think it's all for fun

For this week's street style post, I kept with accessories. I don't consciously think about timing or scheduling on the blog, but I've (unofficially) decided to do two women's street style post, a menswear post and an accessories post each month. To keep things mixed, I guess. I don't think I'll remember to keep to it though. But. You know. Whatever.

Song of the Day: "Oh My God" by Ida Maria

Saturday, July 28

Richard Nicoll X Topshop

A while back, I heard about Richard Nicoll doing a "bridal" collection for Topshop. I thought,  hmm, Topshop doing a bridal collection, that will come in handy much later in my life. I assume if you heard this news you all though the same. I'm 21. Definitely NOT thinking about marriage right now. Then the collection came out and I was just floored with the beauty of it. Four pieces in white, three in blush pink, the collection is more for a chic bridal party than a wedding. And even then, it's really not too much of a bridal collection at all. Anyways, I love it a lot. It's amazingly beautiful, and I need to get my hands on the blush pink dress in the second photo. Put on a motorcycle jacket, and I have my new going out outfit.

Song of the Day: "Cigarettes, Wedding Bands" by Band Of Horses

Thursday, July 26

warning/friendly reminder

So I spend my days off doing various things, including errands and blogging. I also spend some time on the tumblr account and other places pertaining to the blog. I guess it was the teen choice awards. Or maybe it's just something that's always been there and I just never paid too much attention. All I know, is that last Monday, on my day off, I spent about an hour scrolling through the other tumblr blogs I follow. I then felt the need to write this down, instagram it, post it on tumblr and facebook, and finally here. It's a warning. But if you're a follower, it's a friendly reminder. Never.

Song of the Day: "Never Saw The Point" by Cults

Wednesday, July 25

baroque and roll

Topshop trousers, skirt, dress, necklace; Dolce and Gabbana F/W 2012

I don't know if any of you remembered my brief coverage of the various fashion weeks for F/W, but one runway I definitely gushed about was Dolce and Gabbana's. Amazing, luxe, baroque looks, one after the other. When I saw it at Salvatore Ferragamo and Balmain, it was a bit of a hint that it may be a trend to look out for. Behold, Topshop definitely has the idea with their various items. Think jacquard and silk fabrics. Completely luxe looks in decadent gold and heavy beading and embroidery. The cross trend going on also ties in to this new baroque trend. I'm not gonna lie, it's not the first time the baroque trend has been thrusted forward with little avail, but hopefully, this time it will catch on. Amazing fabrics and looks all around. I'm looking forward to grabbing a few jacquard trousers, and I know, I know, it's practically 100 degrees out. But next thing you know, it will be September, then EVERYONE will be grabbing for the latest trends.

Song of the Day: "Weapon of Choice" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Tuesday, July 24

we all look for heaven in a pile of furs

You should have all heard about this already, since H&M announced it last week, but Lana Del Rey will be the new face for H&M this coming Fall and Christmas. The clothes, which are described by H&M as "modern and feminine" and "soft attitude." I can see why they chose Lana for a "soft attitude" look. She was, after all, signed to the same modeling agency that has Harley Vierra Newton and Alexa Chung. It was just a matter of time before she caught some coveted modeling role.

Song of the Day: "This Is What Makes Us Girls" by Lana Del Rey

Monday, July 23

Muse Monday: Courtney Love


When you look at pictures of Courtney Love from the 90s, you definitely stare. She's a mess. She's amazing. She's a rockstar. She's an innovator. With the 90s grunge trend all around us, it's kind of nice to look back and reminisce on the good ol' days of grunge. Something, like punk and disco, that's fascinating, amazing, and completely dead. While she's definitely had her fair share of problems, Love will always be remembered as the "it" girl of the 90s. The epitome of grunge cool, and perhaps the only person we will have to look back at for inspiration. There will probably never be another person like Love, and she truly is an icon for a decade. A living icon. Plenty worthy to be Muse for this week.

Song of the Day: "Celebrity Skin" by Hole

Sunday, July 22

girls in the back

Some front to back street style for the week. Including some model off duty photos of Abbey Lee Kershaw and Erin Wasson. I know, I know, I keep bringing up Erin Wasson, but I swear, she's the one that keeps popping up online! It's not me, it's her. Anyways, there's always a ton of more awesome pics on the tumblr site. Not to mention more followers. I never considered tumblr a blog of itself, and the way I see it, it's like having a facebook for le rebelle doux. It's just a way to spread the word. Word.

Song of the Day: "Girls In The Back" by White Rose Movement 

Saturday, July 21

Target X Neiman Marcus Video

So last week, I talked a little about the breaking news that was the new Target and Neiman Marcus collaboration. Along with 24 CFDA designers, including Rag and Bone, Marc Jacobs and Proenza Schouler, the collection features everything from clothes to home decor would hit stores December. Yesterday, a video was released interviewing a few of the designers and gives a little bit of an inside peek as to what we can expect. Though we are definitely far from a look book, it's the only bone they're throwing in our direction for now.

Song of the Day: "Step Into My Office, Baby" by Belle and Sebastian

Thursday, July 19

you beat the devil's tattoo

Some photos from the past week including a deer that got a little too close to me, the inside of a 500,000 year old cave, a trippy van that looks like it came out of the sea, some new Frye motorcycle boots and my new wasted pin from Wasteland on my new UNIF "America" jacket. A lot of newness there, and as you can see, I've decided to become a biker. Too bad I'm afraid of motorcycles. C'est la vie. Also, sorry for the first two pictures being ultra blurry. All I had was my iPhone, I had forgotten my actual camera, and when you need to zoom in, you kind of sacrifice picture quality.

Song of the Day: "Beat The Devil's Tattoo" by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

Wednesday, July 18

lovely coincidence

Speak of the devil. The foxy devil at least. This week's Muse, the lovely Erin Wasson, was just announced as the face of one of our favorite Australian brands One Teaspoon. While the brand is definitely making a sharper turn in their ensembles lately, turning to ripped denim instead of the usual billowy kimonos, Wasson was kind of perfect to cast. Part of the look book is shown, shot entirely in Venice, CA and is kind of what we imagine we look like going on a beer run before a party. Somehow, I think Wasson looks a lot better doing it.

Song of the Day: "The Devil Takes Care of His Own" by Band of Skulls

Monday, July 16

Muse Monday: Erin Wasson


Designer/iconic model Erin Wasson is this week's Muse. Why? We don't really need to explain why. But unless you don't know who she is, here ya go. She became famous by modeling for countless runways and campaigns and most notably being Alexander Wang's own Muse. Wasson has mastered the rock 'n roll look and it definitely shows in her many designer lines and collaborations, our favorite being Erin Wasson X RVCA. Constantly seen out and about in leather pants and a Wang bag, she really does exude this effortless rocker chick vibe. Like the girl you see outside the Roxy waiting for her musician boyfriend to come out. Now, she can add actress to her resume, she appears in the film Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter. While she continues to tackle and master every art form out there, we really can't wait to see what her next venture will be.

Song of the Day: "Rock & Roll Queen" by the Subways