Tuesday, April 30

Lookbook: Killin' Coachella

Just because Coachella has ended doesn't mean you have to dress back to normal. Dolls Kill has a great new lookbook inspired by Coachella and actually shot at Coachella. Summer is coming soon, and it's always appropriate to dress festival style. Even if you're not going to one. Shop and look at the rest of the lookbook HERE.

Monday, April 29

Muse Monday: Rita Ora

Rita Ora in Berlin

This week's Muse is the lovely singer Rita Ora. I'll be totally honest, I'd never actually heard a song by Rita Ora until I got my Elle issue this month with her on the cover. I have, however, seen Rita Ora all over the place for at least a year. She first landed on my radar because of her BFF Cara Delevingne. After that, she became a muse to one of my favorite designers Hedi Sliman, right when he came out with his first Saint Laurent collection. The last thing that made me solidify the idea of making her on the blogs Muses was two weeks ago when she was seen at Coachella in all UNIF. If Cara and Hedi adore her, and she adores UNIF, Ora's got what it takes to be our Muse.

Sunday, April 28

Coachella Street Style

Sorry for the short hiatus. First Coachella set me back, then I unfortunately caught the Coachella crud which set me back even further. Anyways, what better way to reminisce over Coachella than a street style post. Every year, Coachella go-ers are the ones with the spotlights on them. Designers from all over the world confess to looking at Coachella trends to decide what they will show the next season. Above are some of the photos that I had to take a second look at. 

Tuesday, April 23

Lookbook: Anti-Prom

Nasty Gal has a really rad new lookbook called Anti-Prom. I never went to prom (for teenage rebellious reasons), so I can only assume that it's prom season. I love the girly outfits teamed with some edgy accessory. It's a perfect way to look unique with what may be a generic outfit. A harness, creepers or the perfect leather jacket can make you stand out. Shop and look at the rest of the lookbook HERE.

Wednesday, April 17

Coachella Outfit No. 3

coachella outfit no. 3

With Coachella over for some, it's just around the corner for others, including me. The last outfit I will wear at Coachella was last minute because I bought it so last minute. I originally had another dress for day three, but returned  that as the UNIF shredder dress became available. Last Fall, I took advantage of Topshop's swimsuit sale and bought these high waist bottoms for $20, and a black string top for $16. If it gets too hot, I can just take off the dress and run around in my swimsuit like most Coachella girls. I wanted to wear a lot of 90s accessories, so the hologram glasses and tattoo chokers seemed perfect. A dark lip, comfy chelsea boots and this Topshop backpack will complete my last look for what's supposed to be the hottest day this weekend.

Thursday, April 11

Lookbook: Valley Girl

Nasty Gal has a new lookbook to get you ready for festival season. As does pretty much ever other retailer and magazine. Anyways, I like this lookbook because of some of the trends it features, like aliens and caged bras. I'm actually planning to wear the UNIF dress in the first photo to Coachella as well. Hopefully not many other people are planning the same. View the rest of  the lookbook and shop the story HERE.

Wednesday, April 10

seeing clearly

Marc by Marc Jacobs; 80sPurple; Walmart; Opening Ceremony; Nasty Gal

A trend that has been spotted at the last two (or three?) fashion weeks was the clear clutch and bag. With Celine and Prada both having their own designs, it wasn't that big of a shock to see it at fashion week. In real life, however, the clear bag may seem a little daring. The clear bag puts an end to the saying "you're not supposed to look into a woman's purse." I saw one at Opening Ceremony a few months back and got ahold of a clear white version. It seems the latest designs are colored or neon, which makes it a little more fun. I suggest giving the TSA a break and trying the trend. All of the styles above are available on their respective websites and all are under $100. Except the Marc by Marc Jacobs bag, of course.

Tuesday, April 9

Featured Designer: Glow Worm Shop

A couple of months ago, while aimlessly scrolling tumblr, I came across the most kick-ass necklace. I know the galaxy trend is pretty much done with, but this necklace was just so beautiful. I tracked down the original post to a tumblr that pretty much exclusively posted pictures of jewelry that was hand made and sold on an Etsy shop called Glow Worm Shop. The shop is incredibly cool, great jewelry and a great price. Everything is more or less $20 and consists of galaxy prints, eyes and planets. How fucking rad is that? Anyways, I strongly suggest checking out the shop.

Shop all the headchains, bracelets, rings and necklaces HERE.

Thursday, April 4

Lookbook: Wet Hot American Bummer

UNIF Spring 2013: WET HOT AMERICAN BUMMER from UNIF on Vimeo.

UNIF has a new lookbook out for their Spring 2013 collection. The video is kind of, well, really all over the place, so you may have to watch it a few times to catch all the clothing. I wasn't too impressed with their last collection, but this one seems promising. With Coachella perfect dresses, a fantastic update on the motorcycle jacket and accessories that will have people staring, I'm already saving my money up for when all this stuff hits. I already ordered one of the dresses for Coachella, replacing my last outfit I had lined up. Yeah, UNIF kind of does that.

Tuesday, April 2

Coachella Outfit no. 2

Coachella Outfit no. 2

For day two of Coachella, I opted for something a bit darker and more rock 'n roll. The glitter tights are definitely a head turner, I've gotten a bit shy wearing them out to regular places just because EVERYONE stares! UNIF shirts are super soft and really baggy and airy, so they are perfect for keeping you cool. My black Dr. Martens I've had since I was 13, so they are perfectly soft and worn in and by far one of the most comfortable pairs of shoes I own. I'm a big fan of backpacks, and I have a few black leather ones that I plan to use. And of course, a refillable water bottle. Every year, the H&M tent gives free water, and we always make the long line. Water is ridiculously valuable at Coachella.