Wednesday, October 31

Happy Halloween

I love the website Karmaloop for two sole reasons: First, they have the best selection of UNIF next to Nasty Gal. Second, their sales and pricing of said UNIF is significantly less than everyone else. I've never liked their look though. It's all very hip-hop-ish. The girls wearing inappropriate beanies, the styling is way off, and the whole aesthetic definitely leans towards a hip-hop crowd. I don't know what happened with this new lookbook, but it's right up my alley. And apparently my alley leads to a cemetery. The new lookbook, I guess for Halloween, is very dark but still lovely. What I really love is the girls are slightly transparent, giving it a special, perfect for Halloween feel. Happy Halloween.

le rebelle douce,

Tuesday, October 30

eyes wide shut

Vivienne Westwood; Diesel; Ted Baker; Diesel; Vivienne Westwood

Not too long ago I discovered an online store, and I've now been stalking them online. Repertoire has the most amazing array of brands including Ted Baker, Sonia Rykiel, Vivienne Westwood and Michael Kors, just to name a few. They have killer sales, like right now everything in the store is 10% off! Some of my favorite pieces I've been drooling over are above, including the amazing Vivienne Westwood accessories. She always has the best accessories, maybe another post on her in the future.

Shop Repertoire HERE.

le rebelle douce,

Monday, October 29

Muse Monday: Alice Glass


I never liked electronic music. It's like modern day disco, any music made my machines isn't quite music to me. Anyways, at Coachella 2011, all my friends were so excited to see Crystal Castles, and they blew my mind. More specifically, the crazy frontwoman Alice Glass blew my mind. With her crazy, barely audible lyrics, crazy style and devil-may-care attitude, she was mesmerizing. A friend of mine told me a story about the last time he saw her, at Coachella 2009, and she came out, 20 minutes late, coked out, and sang for apparently 15 minutes. Someone from the crowd yelled out "Stop doing coke!" I'm not gonna lie, she's one of the true rockstars left. Badass. Fucked up. And we still love her.

Saturday, October 27


So here in LA, it's literally been freezing one weekend, then hot as hell the next. The summer and winter fighting each other for domination, I guess. Anyways, this is what I think everyone's been dressing like. Mini dress, then jeans, then sundress, then sweater layers and so on. Hopefully this stops soon and one of them just takes over the weather.

le rebelle douce,

Friday, October 26

Kazakhstan Fashion Week

You didn't know (that's a statement) that Kazakhstan has it's own fashion week. It started in 2003 and was pretty successful since. Even though it's technically not a week (it lasts three days), it's enough for the designers of Kazakhstan to show what they are capable of. I was especially impressed by Les Autres. Structured dresses, draping techniques and leather details are just epic. I'm especially in awe from the backpack! It reminds me the armor and turtle shell combined. Love it!

Le rebelle doux,

Timur B. 

Thursday, October 25

what's in the box?

So what's inside the box? French Connection, Ted Baker, Diesel, Almost Famous, and too many other brands to list. I'm referring to UK online brand/website Box Clothing. An awesome array of a ton of my favorite brands, and even some rad menswear too. Above are literally just a small sample of some of the items I'm ridiculously in love with. While they only have 5 stores in the UK, they've been around for quite a while and they're online store definitely offers some much needed retail therapy.

Check 'em out HERE.

le rebelle douce,

Monday, October 22

Muse Monday: Edie Sedgwick

Challenge: Diva with vintage bag - Edie Sedgwick

This week's Muse is the lovely Edie Sedgwick. You can't talk about mod, the swingin' sixties or Andy Warhol without talking about Edie Sedgwick. She's already a bona-fide icon, with an envious closet and tragic story, the girl who defined the 60s factory scene. Sedgwick became an original "it" girl when Warhol saw her in New York at a party and immediately took her in as a true Muse. Running around in micro mini's, sky high heels and always a leopard print coat, Sedgwick's style is constantly mimicked but never mastered. No one can ever quite do it like Edie Sedgwick did.

Sunday, October 21

top it all off

Never underestimate the power of a good top. A cool vintage tee, a structured pullover, or something you just grabbed out of a vintage bin, a unique top livens up any outfit. Paired with whatever boring bottoms you may have, the outfit still works and is very put together. With a cool, of-the-moment top, looking effortless just got way easier.

le rebelle douce,