Thursday, May 31

be a world child

Some photos from the past week including TWO different nail art decals I put on (still going strong with them and LOVING them), two street art pictures from Downtown LA, a tie dye dress I made trying to mimic the UNIF Deadstock dress and last Monday I went to Bardot to catch Samantha Ronson. I thought she was doing a DJ set, actually, I really didn't know she sings. Barcelona was playing that night too and overall it was really great. I've noticed a lot of my weekly pictures tend to be of street art, and you guys have to understand that street art is EVERYWHERE in LA and it adds a great ambiance to the city. I mean, Downtown already has a great atmosphere, but it definitely adds to it.

Song of the Day: "Street Spirit" by Radiohead

Wednesday, May 30

bad to the bone

Behold my new favorite dress. Stolen Girlfriends Club Skeletal Lace Maxi Dress. It retails for an investment worthy $400, but in my opinion, it sure is worth it. The print is so fun and the mesh makes it  a seriously foxy dress. A few years ago I remember seeing Alison Mosshart from The Kills wearing a shirt with a ribcage on it. A few months later, you could find versions of the shirt all over the place, and I even bought a more feminine version from Zara. This dress reminds me exactly of that shirt. I know Alison Mosshart doesn't wear dresses, but she would look seriously bad ass in this dress. Amazing legs not included.

Song of the Day: "Bone House" by the Dead Weather

Monday, May 28

Muse Monday: Penny Lane

19/50. Penny Lane & #13 Going to a 70s Themed Party

So this week's Muse is a little different from most, mainly because she's not real. Technically. This week's Muse is Penny Lane, the fictional groupie-ahem- "band aide" from the fantastic movie Almost Famous. Played perfectly by Kate Hudson, Penny Lane is a girl who loves music, like most of us, and just wants to go around with bands. I mean, who wouldn't want to do that? Her style is definitely iconic: bell bottoms, suede, platforms, circle sunglasses and fur lined coats makes Penny Lane a perfect 70s rock darling. She's everything I want to be, and don't want to be at the same time. A girl who was sold to another band for beer, wipes her tears away with the reply "What kind of beer?" Strong, delicate, magical, and yes, fictional. If you haven't seen Almost Famous, I suggest you Netflix it, to get the perfect taste of the lovely Penny Lane.

Song of the Day: "Penny Lane" by the Beatles

Sunday, May 27

who wears short shorts?

So if you can't guess the pattern with all these shots (and the title) let me spell it out for you- shorts! It's pretty much summer already in the US, heat waves have been reported all over the country and with memorial day weekend, it's signaling the unofficial start of summer. So whether it's shorts or a skirt, prepare to be showing some leg this summer. I have an extreme love for leather shorts, and lately that's all I have been wearing, but I love the sheer skirt look still. A lot of people do. It looks so awesome and effortless, I really don't see this trend dying down any time soon.

Song of the Day: "Don't Care About Anything" by Alex Winston

Friday, May 25

baby, you sure look cheap

I really love the line Material Girl. I know it's pretty kitschy and tween, but take my word for it, some of the pieces are insanely great and insanely cheap. I have a snakeskin motorcycle jacket that I always get compliments on from the line and if you don't believe me, believe the line's new face. Former Muse Georgia May Jagger has been selected to represent the brand this fall. Past face's of the line include Kelly Osbourne and Taylor Momsen, but I think the line is definitely growing up by choosing Jagger to represent them. Jagger has previously been the face for brands like Chanel, H&M and Hudson Jeans, and that's naming a few. I'm really excited to see the new collection as well as the look book.

You can look at the collection and Kelly Osbourne fronted look book by clicking HERE.

Song of the Day: "Hide Your Love" by the Rolling Stones

Thursday, May 24

i'll be wandering on for all my years

Some photos from the past week or so, including my newsprint DIY nails and my Topshop Unique Dalmatian nails from their last Fall collection, a shirt I bought at H&M that was white before I used the dip-dye technique (see the dip dye fringe post), art at my local Anthropologie and the Bristol Hotel West Side representin'! You can imagine me saying that in a ghetto accent. Anyways, I unofficially decided every Monday I would do a new DIY or nail art manicure. You'll see the results above. Here are step by step directions for getting the newsprint nails, and by the way, it took me two tries to get it right:
1. Get light colored nail polish, clear nail polish, rubbing alcohol, a shot glass and cut newspaper strips. Make sure your strips have chunks of lettering, no paragraphs in between.
2. Coat your nails with the light nail polish and allow them to COMPLETELY DRY! Can't stress that enough.
3. Put the rubbing alcohol into the shot glass and dip your fingernail in it for at least 10 seconds.
4. Immediately take a newspaper strip and press down HARD for at least 15 seconds. Make sure you evenly press down, tops, sides, everywhere.
5. Peel off the newspaper strip and coat the top with clear nail polish so the print stays. And voila! Easy as pie.

Song of the Day: "People C'mon" by Delta Spirit

Tuesday, May 22

Jeremy Scott X CNN

So at our hotel room in between Coachella days, my friends and I fought (more or less) over control of the TV. I LOVE CNN. I didn't mean for all of that to be in caps, but I LOVE it. Unfortunately, I no longer have CNN at my place so whenever I'm staying at a hotel, that's the only thing I watch. It was to my surprise that Jeremy Scott was a featured story on CNN, making headlines with his insane Adidas shoe collaboration. Here's the video, it's begins with a short slideshow of some of Scott's insane Adidas shoes and a short interview with the designer himself. Get to know my favorite designer a little more in this video.

Song of the Day: "No Way" by the Platiscenes

Monday, May 21

Muse Monday: Bethany Cosentino

Best Coast

This week's Muse should be no surprise. It's Bethany Cosentino of Best Coast fame, although you may start hearing her name with other occupations like designer. Last week, I posted about Cosenino's collaboration with Urban Outfitters, and hopefully some of you checked it out. The collaboration is quite reflective of Cosentino's style: vintage, grunge female guitarist. While in magazines, Cosentino is usually donning vintage rock tee's with cut-offs and skirts, but on stage, opts for the more comfortable floral dress and straw hat. Cosentino's star has continued to rise and she is sure to be a female guitarist we will never forget.

Song of the Day: "Angsty" by Best Coast

Sunday, May 20

we love you so terribly

Some awesome street style shots. Loving the tough edge in some of the shots, like leather pieces or accessories. Leather is a must, and you can really never have too much. On a personal note, I have leather pants, shorts, skirts and of course things like boots and bags. Leather is one of my favorite fabrics and it definitely adds a rock 'n roll element to any outfit. Like neutral toning down a neon piece, leather creates that "tough" touch. 

Song of the Day: "Henrietta" by the Fratellis

Saturday, May 19

Lana Del Rey X everything she touches

Mulberry; Jimmy Choo; All Saints

So it's not exactly a bunch of Lana Del Rey collaborations, but she's definitely influencing everyone around her. Our former Muse has lived up to that reputation with Mulberry dubbing their new leather bag the "Del Rey" bag. Basically, once you have a Mulberry bag named after you, you know you someone. Remember the now iconic "Alexa" bag? Anyways, Jimmy Choo also released their "Lana" sunglasses which feature a more modern take on the retro cat eye, which I think is very fitting.  Also, there's All Saints' "Lana" jacket, that's pretty much a classic, soft leather motorcycle jacket. I can't quite see the connection Del Rey has to the leather jacket, but let's just go along with it.

Song of the Day: "Million Dollar Man" by Lana Del Rey

Friday, May 18

Bethany Cosetino X Urban Renewal

So Bethany Cosetino from the band Best Coast has finally launched her collection for Urban Outfitters. The line is part of the Urban Renewal collection, so all the pieces are re-worked vintage pieces. The collection is really rad and has a bit of a 90s flare to it. The Elaine dress (Seinfeld?) and the Cher lace dress (Clueless?) are just some of the awesome names that add to the 90s theme. I really love the pieces and I recommend you pick up a few on the Urban Outfitters website by clicking HERE. There's also an awesome video that I left out. By the way, the Urban Outfitters site has 10% everything that ends this Sunday with the code "SPRINGIT." Don't miss out on that.

Song of the Day: "No One Like You" by Best Coast