Saturday, March 31

just like my favorite sweater

So they have finally arrived! My tapestry/needlepoint Dr. Martens and I am so happy. What makes me even happier is I have a vintage floral dress that has (more or less) the same print. Anyways, the next chance the weather allows, I'm wearing that dress with these docs!

Song of the Day: "Ceiling Of Plankton" by Givers

Friday, March 30

Alexa Chung for Superga

Alexa Chung has been announced as the new Creative Director and face for tennis shoe brand Superga. Though the brand is mainly known in the UK, with Chung as the new Creative Director, they may be soon popping up in local boutiques. Meanwhile, instead of showing you the pictures from the campaign, watch the lovely antique style video. All the clothes are from Chung's own closet and the background definitely has her signature all over it.

If the video isn't working for you, check it out HERE.

Song of the Day: "Lovely Cup" by Grouplove

Thursday, March 29

take it slow

A few images from the past week (many Coachella related). I had jury duty this past week so being in LA at 7 AM was awful/lovely. Seeing the architecture at different times of the day can be very beautiful. I really do love walking around Downtown. Also the Jason Wu blouse I snagged at Target, the DIY shorts from a few posts ago, a hilarious Draw Something reference and my new clothes rack, because the two closets I already have started to break.

Song of the Day: "My Moon My Man" by Feist

Wednesday, March 28

tea party

Topshop; Marni; Forever 21; Asos; Dr. Martens; street style

So, the normal "safe" dress is the LBD. Pretty much everyone knows that. Whether you're going out, staying in or just hanging around the city, the little black dress was a fall back for women who just woke up and didn't know what to put on. I've been there, and I think everyone else has too. But when Spring and Summer roll around, the LBD during the day looks way too Winter gloom. So a few years ago, I started "collecting" floral tea dresses. Same concept as the LBD, but extremely appropriate for summer. I have quite a decent collection of vintage ones, which are personally my favorite. Pair 'em up with some Dr. Martens, and you have a perfect indie/90s grunge vibe to your outfit that looks fresh and effortless. (Double points if you have a floral dress with matching floral Docs!)

Song of the Day: "In Bloom" by Nirvana

Monday, March 26

Muse Monday: Jenny Lewis

18. Jenny Lewis

This week's Muse is singer/songwriter Jenny Lewis. Lewis' music career started in 1998 when she formed the band Rilo Kiley. Since then, she has been in The Postal Service, The Watson Twins and Jenny and Johnny. While she may be known for her indie music career, Lewis first started out as an actress. She's appeared in several television series including Baywatch, the Golden Girls, Growing Pains and Roseanne. She also appeared in the films Troop Beverly Hills and The Wizard. Her picturesque hipster looks have made Lewis quite the music magazine covergirl, although she looks like something plucked out of an Anthropology catalog. Jenny Lewis will always be known as the sweet-sounding all American hipster.

Song of the Day: "Moneymaker" by Rilo Kiley

Sunday, March 25

girl, i want to be with you all of the time

So this week for street style I have a half winter half spring mix. It's been pretty cold in LA (and by cold I mean around 65) but some days, the temperature will soar to 80. So I've been kind of mixed as to what to wear. Basically, like the girls in the photos above, I've been wearing spring clothes, with winter coats. It's the easiest way to pull off a spring look (because the calendar says it's spring), without not getting sick.

Song of the Day: "All Day And All Of The Night" by the Kinks

Saturday, March 24

DIY: Dyed and Studded shorts

So I kept seeing all these amazing DIYstuded/dyed shorts (like the pic below) and I really wanted to do it myself. So it's pretty easy it just takes time. 

Items you'll need: Cotton denim shorts (Levi's work fine), a dye color, 1/2 a yard of glue on studs, fabric glue, good scissors, 1/3 cup of salt and clear nail polish.

So soak your shorts in regular water while you get the dye ready. Make sure to use really hot water before you add the dye mix in. Stir well. Then put your shorts in the dye. Completely submerge them and stir. After a few minutes, stir in the 1/3 cup of salt and make sure the salt is completely dissolved. Leave the shorts in for 30 minutes stirring at least every five minutes. Take the shorts out, wring them dry and wash them in a steel washing machine. Make sure nothing else is in there. Then dry them and your dyed shorts should be good!

Decide where you want the studs. I chose two spots: the front inside pocket and the back pocket where I  ripped the pocket off. The first is easier than the latter. 

Glue on your studs with strips at a time. Otherwise you end up with glue everywhere and white popping out. (Please excuse my polish fading nails). I strongly recommend finding glue on studs. If you use regular studs, you will easily tire out your hands. If you live in LA, you can find them for $7/yard at Michael Levines in Downtown LA. Google it.

Your finished product should look like this.

Now for the back pocket, use the tip of your scissors (or a seam ripper works really well) and CAREFULLY cut out the thread seams. Pull on it a little, just don't pull it too hard or you'll end up with a hole in your ass.

Continue this until you're about 1/3 of the way down one side of the pocket.

Use the clear nail polish to seal the end so it won't unravel when you wash your shorts. This is a great little trick if you have something that's unraveled or come undone. Clear nail polish prevents anything from fraying.

Glue on the studs the same way. One strip at a time as to prevent ugly white marks from going all over the place. You can see in the photo below where I kind of messed up and there's white on the shorts.

Your finished product should look like this!

And there you have it! Look at the first photo to get some inspiration. I wanted a pair like the bottom left, and I have them! It all cost under $10 too (minus the Levis that I had lying around).

Song of the Day: "Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey

Friday, March 23

grans for tea

Floral Dr. Martens have been around quite a while and I always wanted a pair, but not a typical floral pair. So I waited. I don't know why I waited because I had no idea what I was expecting. Then these were released. Needlepoint/tapestry looking Dr. Martens. They look like something my grandma might approve of, but they are extremely unique looking, which is what I wanted. Not to mention they look quite 90s reminiscent. I'm expecting them in next week, so most likely, more pics to come.

By the way, I'm finishing up the next DIY post and it should be up tomorrow.

Song of the Day: "Grans For Tea"by The View

Thursday, March 22

Featured Designer: Couture by Lolita

This month's Featured Designer is the brand Couture by Lolita. It's another jewelry line, and they have the most uniquely beautiful pieces. All the pieces are carefully crafted and handmade, which just makes it that much more impressive. The lines main focus is on necklaces with some being lockets, but they do have earrings, bracelets and even money clips. The pieces mostly feature a skeletal female silhouette which is a fun play on the original 18th century cameos we see reproduced today. Other pieces feature owls, peacocks, roses and octopuses.

All the pieces are under $50 and can be purchased right off their website HERE.

Wednesday, March 21

if you're a target then i guess i'm one too

So yesterday I took a trip to Target that was supposed to take no more than 30 min, and I ended up being there for about 1 1/2 hours. I never intended to make a post about Target, but it really just came about, much like the JCPenney post I did a while back. I just couldn't believe all the awesome stuff they were selling. I mean, I love target, I always have, and I always knew they were extremely underrated. But yesterday, I was kind of surprised to find that every department had something insanely awesome! In accessories, I found some insanely cool printed backpacks and a few Cambridge Satchel lookalikes. In beauty, they had a ton of pastel nail polish colors all for under $6! Then the clothing department had several of-the-moment items like faded skinny leopard jeans, Western-esque fringe tunics, Coachella worthy floral denim and clearanced Jason Wu. I also saw some really rad ankle rainboots that look exactly like Melissa Shoes. The last photo is a picture of my cart, of course the necessities like conditioner, hair ties and sheer tights. I left with a few extras like the amazing chiffon Jason Wu top and the new Shins album. There was so much I couldn't add all the pictures, there were some cool neon raincoats, tons of other graphic tote bags and some clutches that were to die for! So next time you're in Target, look around! I guarantee you'll leave with something you weren't expecting to find.

Song of the Day: "You're A Target" by No Age