Wednesday, August 29

Nasty Gal Collection

So let me start off by massively apologizing for my absence on the blog. I know, not even a warning on the facebook page, which I usually promise to do. As you can imagine, this week has been brutally hectic and I'm barely now finding time to post. Once again, all will be back to normal by the weekend. Moving past that, Nasty Gal released their first official collection and it's pretty badass. By far, my favorite color is blush ( I know, really random) but that color always looks amazing with black, which is pretty much lining my closet. The collection, is mainly black and blush, so it's quite near and dear to my heart. I'm loving all the moto styles going on, including the fringe jacket in the last photo. I practically fainted when I saw it. 

Shop the collection HERE.

Song of the Day: "Crazy Eights" by Tapes 'N Tapes

Sunday, August 26

now i don't know where i am

So I tried really hard to do an accessories post without posting pictures of Doc Martens. Then, I realized, I HAVE to post a pic of some Docs!! I mean c'mon! My very first post on this blog was a pic I took of my first Docs. I realized the collection of pics isn't too coherent, but I really don't give a fuck. I put some docs. I love docs. You should too.

Song of the Day: "First Day Of My Life" by Bright Eyes

Friday, August 24

Lookbook: Gimme Some Space/Galactic Grunge

Probably my favorite store, Wasteland has a new lookbook for Fall. Emailed under the name 'Galactic Grunge' but headlined as 'Gimme Some Space' (I love both), the lookbook portrays the future days of holograms and outer space. Wow, I did NOT mean for that to rhyme, but anyways, I really can't get enough of outer space wear or it's 90s counterpart. The lookbook has a ton of UNIF, Lilya, Evil Twin and a great amount of vintage. Including a vintage Vivienne Westwood dress that would have Hans Solo swooning. Whatever you decide, with Wastelands guidance, you're bound to get some heads turning.

Shop and look at the rest of the collection HERE.

Song of the Day: "Extra Astronomical" by Klaxons

Thursday, August 23

cause i'm afraid of the light

Some photos I took in the past week including the LA sky as the clouds move in, one of my favorite albums by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, a new necklace I just purchased by In God We Trust and one of my favorite (and few) graphic shirts. Also, I ate lunch this week at Neiman Marcus and as we ate, a parade of models showing us everything from Alexander McQueen to Jil Sander would walk by and talk about their outfits and where you could buy them in the store. The lunch was great, the outfits, I was just jealous of.

Song of the Day: "You Know What I Mean" by Cults

Tuesday, August 21

Lookbook: Wild Child

Nasty Gal has a new lookbook for their August campaign called Wild Child. Honestly, I don't show certain lookbooks every month unless I really love them. Well, I really love this one. I already have my eyes on the Jesus Saves cardigan as well as the leopard coat. They're both UNIF. I'm also madly in love with that sequin skirt. 

To view the entire lookbook and shop the collection click HERE.

Song of the Day: "Ready to Start" by Arcade Fire

Monday, August 20

Muse Monday: Charlotte Free

Charlotte Free!

This week's Muse is the incredible model Charlotte Free. If you haven't heard the name, you should certainly recognize the face. Especially because she was also in the week's street style posts. Anyways, Charlotte Free is the new edgy model face. Before her it was Agyness Deyn and before Deyn it was Alice Dellal. Charlotte is a regular in front of Terry Richardson's camera lens (where I first heard of her) and is starting to appear more and more often in the pages of magazines. What makes Free stand out most is her hair color, and like the edgy models before her, it's probably what got her the jobs in the first place. Whatever it is, we love Charlotte Free, and we can't get enough of her band t's and cycling shorts.

Song of the Day: "Ink Free" by Sons & Daughters

Sunday, August 19

i put a spell on you

This week, I found it quite difficult to find street style photos that didn't interfere with the rules I have. If you're just now joining us, some rules are no celebrities and no obvious street style photos. Basically, I mean you won't find any pics of Rumi Neely or Elin Kling on here. So there isn't too much of a theme going on with these pics except for the fact that they all look like they stepped out in something they actually wanted to wear. Don't you every feel constricted sometimes? Like you want to wear this, but you're afraid to? Don't be. Thats my message with these photos. Go out and dress as crazy as you want. Be aware that without people like that, we wouldn't have half the individuals that make us go take street style shots or become Muses. In any sense of the word.

By the way, I found this video that made me laugh my ass off. Seriously. I was crying it was so funny. It's the first video on the tumblr page so click the tumblr page at the top to see the video. I'm not trying to reel you in to the tumblr world, I just don't know how to put the video on here. Sorry.

Song of the Day: "I Put A Spell On You" by She & Him

Saturday, August 18

DIY: Dyed and Studded Pt. 3

So it's time for another dyed and studded piece. I'm still surprised how popular they still are. I think it's because it's something that can be extremely individual. You can't really walk into a store at the mall and find truly rad dyed and studded shorts, without paying up the ass. Anyways, I decided to do the double dip dye, shredded and studded, all in one. 

First off, gather materials. Choose two color dyes that compliment each other, I chose purple and pink. Grab some studs, a cup of salt (not pictured), and a bottom clothing hanger. Also something that is VERY important, use bleached or white denim. I bleached these from black. Yeah, they were black. All you do is get a bucket, fill it 1/4 of the way with bleach, the rest water, dump, wash, done. Easy as pie, I swear.

Next, get your dye bath ready with the salt and powder. It's up to you which end to start on. Fold your shorts and hang them, making sure that they are already dripping wet. Then, dip them about 1/3 of the way. You can dip them a little more, but only for a minute at most. 

Alright, you have to leave your shorts hanging for a while as they soak. It's up to you how you do this, but I used a bra strap to hanging to suspend the shorts. It worked so well. I could adjust the strap to make is shorter or longer. 

Rinse out the dye from your shorts, or an easier way is to just immediately throw them in the washer. What results is the picture below: an ombre effect.

Do the same exact thing, but upside down. And with the other dye. Remember to wet your shorts before dying them to help the ombre effect as well as the dye to have a better reaction with the fabric. With this step, however, leave a little space in the middle. It should be somewhat white in the middle. Don't worry, when you throw them in the washer again, the white part is no longer there and the two colors mix, creating that ombre effect from pink to purple.

For the slashed parts, I can't stress enough to make sure your shorts have long pockets. Otherwise your underwear will be showing and I don't want anymore hoochie mamas walkin' around because of me! 

Use an exacto knife to cut a small, parallel incision in the shorts. Cut them about an inch and them rip them carefully. I promise the shorts wont rip in an awkward direction, it rips straight. But be careful! Don't rip off the whole leg!

What results is this. Yeah, it might look bland now, but guess what the next step is? THROW THEM IN THE WASHER! Yeah, sorry about the excess water usage. 

I studded the pocket (which is almost a classic to me) and there ya go! Some ombre studded/ripped shorts. I know the picture below doesn't show the color difference to well, but look at the picture above. That's what they really look like. Other color suggestions I have are blue/green, red/pink, yellow/light blue, pretty much any two pastel colors, blue/purple and those are just the basic colors! You can really let your mind go with this one. Have fun!

Song of the Day: "Start Me Up" by the Rolling Stones