Thursday, November 29


Kill City; Hussein Chalayan; Jeffrey Campbell; Wasteland

A new trend has been popping up everywhere, especially on the S/S 2012 runways. Holographic is the best way to describe it. Definitely not silver and not just metallic, what makes the hologram look is the shiny, rainbow-like iridescent sheen. I just bought the Wasteland bag, and I really love it. The trend overall I like, but I can see why some may think it's a bit hard to style. When in doubt, go for an accessory, like the purse or shoes. It's very different and unique from the usual "pops" of color.

le rebelle douce,

Tuesday, November 27


So a few pictures from the past several weeks. A chainmail elevator I went in inside a high rise in Downtown LA, the Grimes LP artwork, an Obey mural in the arts district, the window of the UNIF pop up in LA, my houndstooth nails and the scenery while on the way to Las Vegas. I just recently discovered the arts district in Downtown LA, and have since been obsessing over it. I think I'm fascinated by it mainly because I never knew it existed and it's literally a block away from a few of my usual hang out spots in LA. It's such a cool area with great food and art and I strongly recommend going if you're ever in LA.

le rebelle douce,

Monday, November 26

Muse Monday: Alexa Chung

The world's like a science and I'm like a secret.

This week's Muse is the lovely Alexa Chung. I don't like using this word, but she is pretty much the definition of a trendsetter. I can safely say she single handedly is the one who started the anorak trend as well as the peter pan collar trend. She's often said her style is a mix of grandma, hipster and prep, which I wouldn't normally condone, but she pulls it off flawlessly. While Chung is no longer with one of our favorite frontmen, Alex Turner of the Arctic Monkeys, we can always hope another rad rockstar will pick up the lovely Miss Chung. Being a trendsetter and dating an amazing rockstar is pretty much the definition of being our Muse, which Alexa has nailed perfectly.

Sunday, November 25

a cover up

Although it was 80 yesterday in LA, that time of covering up your legs has arrived. Unfortunately. But if you need any help (like I do!) then look at the pictures above for some ideas. Long coats, leather pants, and maxi skirts as far as the eye can see. One problem I have is when I go out with my friends at night, it's usually freezing outside, but wherever we are inside is warm. Best idea yet is a maxi skirt with a sheer top. Wear a coat over, and take it off when you're inside the club/bar/lounge/whatever.

le rebelle douce,

Friday, November 23


Alice by Temperley; Alice by Temperley; Vivienne Westwood; Marc by Marc Jacobs; Paul by Paul Smith; Vivienne Westwood

While looking at the Vanmildert online website, it's extremely hard to find one thing you like. I wanted to write this post and hoped to easily spend a quick minute looking for a couple things to feature, but that wasn't the case. I spent about two hours just looking at all the gorgeous clothing and accessories and trying to decide what not to buy. So be warned. I try not to feature items that are too expensive, but all the designer items on the site are far from that. It's mainly because Vanmildert features sister brands, which is why you find such amazing clothes at great prices. I'm too in love with Paul by Paul Smith, though. If you have to look at one thing, it's definitely Paul by Paul Smith.

Check out all the amazing brands HERE.

le rebelle douce,

Monday, November 19

Muse Monday: Debbie Harry

debbie harry

One of the original CBGB punk bands was Blondie. I don't think many people know that, but Debbie Harry constantly graced the disgustingly cool club during the 70s in New York City. Harry was the epitome of the original punk girl. Lean and bleach blonde with a voice to kick anyone's ass,  Harry wore barely there dresses and bold blue eyeshadow, not that she needed it to be noticed. Making the transition from CBGB punk to iconic radio superstar seem effortless and easy, Harry also became a muse of Andy Warhol. Warhol painted her in a now iconic painting, with bright yellow hair and electric blue eyes. I think we should have a rule: if you were a muse of Andy Warhol, you are definitely our muse.

Sunday, November 18


When I'm picking street style photos, I try really hard to filter through them and find the ones that were those organic photos. The photos that weren't the least bit planned, but someone just happened to pass by someone else with a rad outfit on and said "Hey! Can I take your photo?" That's what real street style is, and believe me, it takes a lot to filter through it all. Today, while filtering, I literally thought "fuck it" and decided to use photos that were amazing, gorgeous, and obviously planned. Editorial style planned. I strongly believe these are all editorials, because honestly, who goes in the middle of the fucking desert with a floor length gown and dripping in diamonds?

le rebelle douce,

Saturday, November 17


An online store that I've been constantly looking at lately is Brantano.  They basically have the best shoe staples like chelsea boots and slip ons at extremely cheap prices. During the winter, anything velvet is my best friend, and the shoes in the first picture by Rocket Dog have me drooling. Not only that, they have different style categories for whatever you feel like looking at. My favorite is probably the Hyper Culture trend which is very western/desert, and I'm loving those looks lately.

Shop the Brantano HERE.

le rebelle douce,

Wednesday, November 14

Lookbook: Life on Mars

Wasteland has a new lookbook for their November looks called "Life on Mars." It's extremely reminiscent of Ziggy Stardust, and who doesn't love Ziggy? Out of all of Bowie's personas, Ziggy Stardust is probably my favorite. Anyways, the lookbook is very futuristic LA. Poolside, palm trees and a lot of shiny clothing.

Shop the rest of the lookbook HERE.

le rebelle douce,