Tuesday, January 31

unconventional prints

Floral prints are apparently way too overrated for this Spring. At least that's according to Dolce & Gabbana, Prada, Jeremy Scott and Givenchy. Unconventional, quirky and fun new print patterns were seen all over the runways last fall and this may be something you may be seeing in Forever 21 and H&M any day now. Then again, I can't really imagine 14 year old girls running around the mall wearing chili pepper prints.

Song of the Day: "I'm On Fire" by Bat For Lashes

Monday, January 30

Muse Monday: Karen Elson

Jack & Karen

This week's Muse is model/musician Karen Elson. Is it just me or is every model out there becoming a musician? And every musician becoming a model. Hmmm...anyways, Karen Elson, up until a few months ago, was the wife of White Stripes/Deadweather frontman Jack White. Unfortunately, they are no longer together. Sad, but Karen Elson still has a lot going on. She released an album in 2010 entitled The Ghost Who Walks produced by Jack White. Elson's mostly known for her modeling career, however. She has done campaigns for Lanvin, Chanel, Yves Saint Laurent, Dior and Versace, just to name a few.

Karen Elson's look is quite similar to Florence Welch, although Elson was famous way before Welch even began her career. Elson's haunting voice and ghostly looks give her a sharp, wicked edge opposed to the soft, feminine looks that models now have. Elson's strikingly good looks and blues-style writing is why she's this week's muse.

Song of the Day: "A Thief At My Door" by Karen Elson

Sunday, January 29

fractured moonlight on the sea

Sorry I've been skipping so many days on the posts. Life is REALLY catching up with me and I'll try from now on to do a lot better! Anyways, loving the style these girls have, and they're all relatively attainable. Most of the time on street style shots, it'll be some rich girl wearing Prada and Chanel and obviously not everyone can afford kick-ass digs like that. Vintage, denim, graphic shirts and American Apparel pretty much sum up the pictures above. (The girl in the third picture is wearing an American Apparel dress.)

Song of the Day: "Never Let Me Go" by Florence + the Machine

Friday, January 27

weather changes moods

Some more photos from Chicago then some cool graffiti here in LA. Also some flowers that started blossoming around my area. We have a cherry blossom tree out front and for 50 weeks out of the year it's an ugly tree that takes up space, but for two weeks, it's totally worth it. LOVING the weather in LA right now! Perfectly mid 70s all week and lovely breezes. I swear, LA has the best weather in the world.

Song of the Day: "In Bloom" by Nirvana

Thursday, January 26

your love's not what i need

Evil Twin "By Way of Fallen Idols"

The brand Evil Twin is quite literally the "evil twin" of sister company Mink Pink. While I do love Mink Pink, it can be quite feminine and romantic. Evil Twin is the edgy and much darker version, which really suits me more. Their new collection called "By Way of Fallen Idols" has some pretty great rock icon style pieces. A leopard kimono called "Janis", the "White Snake" cape, and several very Courtney Love-esque baby doll dresses. What's really rad is that all of their pieces are under $200!

The line is available on several online stores including Asos, Nasty Gal, and Karmaloop. And that's really just naming a few.

Song of the Day: "Evil Twin" by Arctic Monkeys

Wednesday, January 25

mint condition

Versace scarf, Acne sweater, Asos backpack, Topshop blouse, Doc Martens, Vera Wang & Jenny Packham Spring 2012 Runway

 I don't know why I haven't done a post on mint green sooner since it was pretty obvious last fall what Spring's new favorite color would be. Pastels overall are going to be quite popular, but I personally adore the mint green color. Above were some great pieces I found on numerous websites. A hint for finding mint green pieces quickly: just search "mint" on Asos, Topshop, or any of your other favorite store sites. I already have a few pieces and I think one of them was made for Day Two at Coachella.

Song of the Day: "Mint Car" by the Cure

Monday, January 23

Muse Monday: Lana Del Rey

runaway with me, lana del rey .

We LOVE Lana Del Rey! But it is hard to get past the history of her rise to fame and her SNL performance just last week. If you haven't heard, Lana Del Rey (real name Elizabeth Grant) comes from a very wealthy family in New York and most of her, if not all, marketing has been paid and pushed by her dad's money. She basically has the means to become famous and did release an album about a year ago, but after negative reviews, she completely pulled it and decided to start all over again. Her debut album entitled 'Born To Die' will be released January 30th in the US and her singles "Video Games", "Born To Die," and "Blue Jeans" have been widely received. Although I do agree with some critics that her SNL performance was suspiciously too early, she is still a talented young singer. Del Rey also recently signed to Viva Modeling Management (who has clients like Alexa Chung and Harley Viera-Newton).

While she does have a pretty sketchy history, who cares! She is still gorgeous, still talented, and can still write some pretty kick-ass music. Her beautifully vintage style is sure to make her a frequent on the best dressed lists for this year. I think 2012 belongs to Lana Del Rey.

Song of the Day: "Blue Jeans" by Lana Del Rey

Sunday, January 22

you like your girls insane

Street style! Follow the tumblr site too! It's mostly pictures of upcoming posts and past posts. The best of the best.

Song of the Day: "Born To Die" by Lana Del Rey