Thursday, February 28

Topshop S/S 2013

When I was a junior in high school, I had a computer class with the most laid back professor in the world. I pretty much spent 95% of the class on the computer looking at the Topshop lookbooks and new Kate Moss lines. Since then, I don't quite know why Topshop stopped their lookbooks. They were styled so perfectly I could stare at each image for an hour and constantly find something captivating about it. Anyways, Topshop now releases their seasonal catalog with stories inside that remind me of the kind you see in Vogue. Each story very different, saying something different about a trend or the type of "girl" that's featured. The same thing goes with the new Spring/Summer catalog. Four stories in total, each one of a completely different girl, but styled with the same Topshop perfection.

Tuesday, February 26

Lookbook: Like A Rolling Stone

First, the H&M campaign with the daughter of a Rolling Stone, now Free People's campaign entitled "Like A Rolling Stone." You'd think the Rolling Stones were playing Coachella or something. Anyways, Free People has a new lookbook out for February. Free People, once again, perfecting the art of layering into a completely effortless look. The lookbook also displays a great transition from Winter to Spring. Not to mention the accessories are starting to look perfect for Coachella.

Monday, February 25

Muse Monday: LFW Street Style

Street style London Fashion Week!

While London Fashion Week ended last week and we're currently in the middle of Milan Fashion Week, I couldn't help but completely dote on some of the LFW street style shots. London fashion is so different from the rest of the world. So much more quirky and daring. How could I not choose the LFW girl as the Muse for this week? Since Paris Fashion Week is pretty much the best when it comes to street style, I hope you can assume what most of next week's posts will be about.

Sunday, February 24


Is there a theme to this post? Maybe. Maybe not. I've been obsessed with tights lately, they really help with the Winter to Spring transition. More specifically, I've been obsessed with suspender tights and fishnets. Layering is great with tights too just because it's super easy for anyone to pull off.

Saturday, February 23

Agyness Deyn X Dr. Martens (Spring 2013)

Agyness Deyn's new Spring collection for Dr. Martens was released yesterday. The collection is perfect for Spring, more specifically Coachella, and features a lot of eyes. And that's kind of a smart move on Aggy's part, eyeballs have been more and more popular lately. For street wear. Let's just get that clear.

Shop the rest of the collection HERE.

Friday, February 22

rock 'n roll mansion

I usually don't like H&M campaigns.  They usually feature of-the-moment models in some exotic place or in front of a white wall. But this campaign, I mean, how could I not love it. Even the name: Rock 'n Roll Mansion is awesome. When I think of rock 'n roll, I usually think of more black than white, but H&M pulled off the all white look brilliantly, giving it more of a 60s vibe. Oh, and what's the cherry on top? The model. Did you recognize her? It's Georgia May Jagger, Mick Jagger's daughter. A truly rock 'n roll campaign, H&M. Well done.

Thursday, February 14

dark paradise

Clinique "Black Honey"; Kate Moss for Rimmel; Maybelline "Deepest Cherry"; Vincent Longo "Gioelle Berry"; YSL "Rouge Pur No. 32"

I've been wearing dark lipstick for quite some time now, ever since Kate Moss first released her lipstick collection. Anyways, I didn't think it would be a trend that would go beyond 90s grunge kids, but NYFW, and more specifically, Philip Lim, have proven me wrong. Above are all brands that I own or have tried. Cliniques "Black Honey" is hands down the easiest to wear in the sense that the color fits any and all skin tones. Ask any Clinique girl, and they'll tell you Black Honey is the most popular color for that reason, however it's not as dark as you may expect. Kate Moss' lipstick is cheap and good quality. It goes on smooth, but fades quickly. Maybelline is also cheap in price, but dries out your lips. This, however, can easily be fixed by applying ample amounts of chapstick before-hand. The color is also really great and dark. Vincent Longo's color "Gioelle Berry"is a lot more plum and won't fit all skin tones, mainly darker. My favorite, though, is YSL's "Rouge Pur No. 32." I wear it whenever I want a flawless grunge look, and what's awesome about it is even as it fades, it seems to change color and have a different effect. It's not as moisturizing, but awesome because it can last you all day.

Oh! And don't put on a lot of make-up. Little to no eyeshadow, barely there blush and lots of mascara finish off the dark lipstick look.

Wednesday, February 13


Free People have released a lookbook video that's everything the brand is. While it's more of a short film, romance goes perfectly with their romantic clothing. So if you've got a couple minutes to kill, watch the video.

Tuesday, February 12


Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony; 3.1 Philip Lim; Alice + Oivia

So if you didn't know, New York Fashion Week is in full swing right now. With most of the shows done, it's fit to say I've for sure found my three favorite shows. First is Chloe Sevigny X Opening Ceremony. I absolutely adored the 60s/70s women's rights theme. Picket signs, with Chloe even holding one up herself, along with awesome musicians and bands playing in the background. Bleaches, Lissy Trullie and Kim Gordon were a few of the female acts to play. Next was 3.1 Philip Lim, who I mainly loved for how the models were made up. Clean eyes, a berry lip and natural hair made all the girls look rebellious and flawless. Lastly was Alice + Olivia with amazing brocades and easily wearable separates. I can easily see myself picking up a few pieces and easily putting together an outfit. Loved it all way too much.