Monday, April 30

Muse Monday: Santigold


This week's Muse is the crazy, eccentric singer Santigold. Lately I've been choosing artists that are more rock 'n roll and have a darker, edgier vibe, but after seeing Santigold at Coachella last week, I knew I had to feature her. Her performance was really crazy, inviting 60 people to dance on stage, background performers with insane costume changes and background musicians dressed like 80s funk zombies. Crazy is the only word to describe it. She's a really fun performer, though, and you can't help but be fascinated by her style. Insane prints from tribal to metallic, Santigold covers everything. She has such an electric vibe, I can't help but throw in a ton of neon. Santigold really seems like such a cool chick to just lounge around with and her amazing performance last week is why she is this week's Muse.

Song of the Day: "Starstruck" by Santigold

Sunday, April 29

gonna have to break the law

Some awesome street style shots, and as you can see, I've stopped with the Coachella posts. I think after five in a row I can sense some annoyance. Anyways, I adore how all the girls in these photos have some amazing outerwear on. And as the pictures go on, the outerwear goes from being shorter to longer. I really love the play on proportions, it's something I do all the time. A long coat with some mini dress or shorts looks really effortless, and looking effortless is always a great accomplishment.

Song of the Day: "Bruises" by Band of Skulls

Saturday, April 28

Liberty, Liberty, Liberty

Liberty London has been hard at work! I have three Spring collaborations to report on about the brand. First is their collaboration with Paige Denim, which is available now in stores and online. Second, Liberty is collaborating again with Dr. Martens on a series of satchels, canvas sneakers and boots. Lastly is their collab with Nike on some pretty cool kicks. The Dr. Marten collection will be available online May 1 and part of the Nike collection has already been released on the Liberty website. Incredibly cool prints from the famous brand, and quite frankly I can't wait to get my hands on some Dr. Martens and some Nike shoes. I have trouble finding good quality running shoes that I wouldn't be embarrassed to wear. I always end up opting for the cool, uncomfortable shoes in my closet, but now I can get a pair that are really rad and comfortable! Triple score!!

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Song of the Day: "Mocking Bird" by the Libertines

Friday, April 27

Goodbye Betsey Johnson

Horribly sad news to report on. The Betsey Johnson brand has filed for Chapter 11 Bankruptcy yesterday and will be closing most of its' stores. Apparently the layoffs of senior staff started over a month ago and this week, the entire design team was laid-off, but in good Betsey Johnson fashion with cupcakes and champaign. It's so sad to see this brand that really cultivated eccentric dressing for decades go. Some of my very first designer pieces were all Betsey Johnson, including the shirt worn by Johnson in the above photo. Hopefully this won't be the end of the amazing designer, but as of now, the brand has definitely been put on pause.

Thursday, April 26

Coachella Style Weekend 2 Pt. 1

Some awesome street style from Weekend Two of Coachella. I love a lot of the Western details in these shots. Everyone at Coachella tries to have this boho, hippie look, and sometimes it comes out quite well. Fringe, brown belts and wide brimmed hats make for a simple, easily pulled off look. Besides, who wants to look like that lame "I'm a cool hippie" teenager look?

Song of the Day: "Disco 2000" by Pulp

Wednesday, April 25


A few quick shots from Coachella. I'm not nearly as depressed as some people when it's over, just because Coachella is so physically exhausting. Long story short about this weekend, we bought general admission passes, my foxy car got us picked for the Carpoolchella contest and we won backstage passes. It was insanely amazing, golf cart rides to all the stages, rubbing elbows with celebrities, free water and beer and the best part was we had an exclusive section in the front of every stage just for backstage pass holders. Some quick notes on the other photos, that's Kaiser Chiefs, my friend was lounging on the couches backstage and when it got too hot, I sat down, and saw the next pair of shoes I will buy. Perfect with mini floral dresses and denim jackets, no?

Song of the Day: "Dream Again" by FRANZ FERDINAND

Monday, April 23

Muse Monday: The Coachella Festival Go-er


I'm sticking to my Coachella posts! I'm in denial that it's over and I'm sticking to it like peanut butter to jelly! This post is dedicated to that festival go-er. That's me, that's you, that's NOT the celebrity base that goes for the free parties and stays by the pool all day. It's for the people that go to listen to the music, that endure 100 degree weather, that stand on their feet for 14 hours straight and still say it's the best event of the year. Ankle boots, cut offs, crop tops and jewelry, jewelry, jewelry is the annual uniform that barely changes. Until next year Coachella. Until next year.

Song of the Day: "Summertime Sadness" by Lana Del Rey

Sunday, April 22

Coachella Street Style Weekend 1 Pt. 12

I kind of love these Coachella looks way more. They are more....I don't know. I just really love crop tops, and I think they have a slightly 90s look. Maybe it's just me. But stay tuned for a DIY segment on that body chain in the second photo. It's coming up in the next few weeks.

Song of the Day: "Festival" by Sigur Ros