Thursday, May 9


While I wouldn't normally post about something like the Met Gala that everyone else would be talking about, I found it extremely hard to resist. After all, if anything has to be more inspired by music, it would be this year's Met Gala, Punk: Chaos to Couture. Some people apparently got the memo while others didn't. I don't quite understand why you would wear a pink or spring floral gown to something that is called punk, but whatever. At the same time, not everyone really pulled it off. Anyways, above are some of my favorite. Sienna Miller's spiked out jacket, Florence Welch's floor gazing leather fringe, Tommy Hilfigher's plaid suit, January Jones' crazy eye make-up and Kelly Osbourne's arm-candy Matthew Mosshart (aka Alison Mossharts brother).

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