Friday, August 12

Downtown Art Walk

View from the Alexandria Hotel

The coolest flask ever!

What I learned from the art walk as far as fashion trends: fun, printed blazers for the girls and cool leather jackets for the boys. I've always had a love for leather jackets and for denim jackets, so when I saw one boy wearing a hybrid of the two (very Alexander Wang-esque) I almost died. Unfortunately my digital camera broke the other day, so I've been forced to use my iPhone, which takes decent pictures, but many of the ones I took that night came out awful. Lighting is always horrible at night with the iPhone camera. The art walk is always great, though, it supports local artists and businesses while providing fun and free cultural entertainment. I strongly recommend everyone go at least once. They are the second Thursday of every month on Main and Spring Streets in Downtown, 3rd and 6th being the cross streets. Always a fun time.

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