Monday, December 31

Muse Monday: Mary-Kate Olsen


This week's Muse is child star turned fashion icon/designer Mary-Kate Olsen. Immediately I assume you're wondering why I didn't put both the Olsen sisters in this post, and let me explain myself. Mary-Kate has much more attitude than her sister when it comes to style. Much bolder, Mary-Kate has perfected the cool casual look in her everyday wear, still managing to start trends, while her red carpet looks are very daring. While they may both be ridiculed by the media that just doesn't seem to get it, what's important is the right people get it. Olsen's brands The Row and Elizabeth and James have taken off, the latter being one of my personal favorites. The Row recently made headlines with the release of their $55,000 backpack as seen above, covered in Hollywood-loving pills such as Ritalin and Vallium. It's making a statement while saying nothing. Brilliant.

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  1. Oh thank God it’s Thursday-almost Friday too! She's a purty gurl!
    I really enjoyed reading your blog post. Your passion comes out in your writing. Keep at it! Why? Because every little bit helps and you never know who is watching/listening/learning from you! If you are feeling a bit worn out, come on over to my blog and let me encourage you!
    Ciao ciao for now~

    P.S. Did you check out TEEN WEEK yet?