Sunday, December 16

soft grunge

A while ago on Tumblr I was first introduced to the terms "soft grunge." A bit of an oxymoron, I thought off the top of my head, but it seemed to be catching on. Nevertheless, I'm very anti-oxymoron and I never used it, although next thing I know, it was spreading like wild fire. From my understanding, soft grunge was a mixture of very feminine with the very tough/punk/grunge look. The poster child for this look was Sky Ferreira, and for good reason. She has very feminine, soft features, but is always wearing some motorcycle jacket or combat boots. The term soft grunge was stuck to her, and her stuck to the term. What was hilarious to me was about a month ago, Sky (who I "liked" on facebook) posted "what the hell is soft grunge?" Haven't heard about soft grunge since.

le rebelle douce,

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  1. I never quite understood the "soft grunge" thing but apparently, I love it! It's cute, yet edgy!