Thursday, February 14

dark paradise

Clinique "Black Honey"; Kate Moss for Rimmel; Maybelline "Deepest Cherry"; Vincent Longo "Gioelle Berry"; YSL "Rouge Pur No. 32"

I've been wearing dark lipstick for quite some time now, ever since Kate Moss first released her lipstick collection. Anyways, I didn't think it would be a trend that would go beyond 90s grunge kids, but NYFW, and more specifically, Philip Lim, have proven me wrong. Above are all brands that I own or have tried. Cliniques "Black Honey" is hands down the easiest to wear in the sense that the color fits any and all skin tones. Ask any Clinique girl, and they'll tell you Black Honey is the most popular color for that reason, however it's not as dark as you may expect. Kate Moss' lipstick is cheap and good quality. It goes on smooth, but fades quickly. Maybelline is also cheap in price, but dries out your lips. This, however, can easily be fixed by applying ample amounts of chapstick before-hand. The color is also really great and dark. Vincent Longo's color "Gioelle Berry"is a lot more plum and won't fit all skin tones, mainly darker. My favorite, though, is YSL's "Rouge Pur No. 32." I wear it whenever I want a flawless grunge look, and what's awesome about it is even as it fades, it seems to change color and have a different effect. It's not as moisturizing, but awesome because it can last you all day.

Oh! And don't put on a lot of make-up. Little to no eyeshadow, barely there blush and lots of mascara finish off the dark lipstick look.

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  1. Very inspiring post. I usually stick to bright red being blond and very white. Dark lipstick always scared me but I am going to try it out :) Thanks for sharing all these tips