Thursday, February 28

Topshop S/S 2013

When I was a junior in high school, I had a computer class with the most laid back professor in the world. I pretty much spent 95% of the class on the computer looking at the Topshop lookbooks and new Kate Moss lines. Since then, I don't quite know why Topshop stopped their lookbooks. They were styled so perfectly I could stare at each image for an hour and constantly find something captivating about it. Anyways, Topshop now releases their seasonal catalog with stories inside that remind me of the kind you see in Vogue. Each story very different, saying something different about a trend or the type of "girl" that's featured. The same thing goes with the new Spring/Summer catalog. Four stories in total, each one of a completely different girl, but styled with the same Topshop perfection.

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