Monday, March 18

Muse Monday: Corey Mason

Empire Records

So like I've said in the past, not every Muse has to be real. Fictional characters, in my opinion, are so much more fun. In this case, Corey Mason, played by the lovely Liv Tyler in the cult 90s flick Empire Records. With her unofficial uniform of perfectly cropped sweaters and plaid mini skirts, Corey's wardrobe is a casual grunge look, which has become a pretty popular look. Corey has the awesome job of working in a record store and still manages to be on a path to Harvard University. She single handedly proves that just because you're smart, doesn't mean to can't look rad and have a kick-ass high school job. If you haven't seen the movie, I suggest renting it, because it's not just Corey that has an awesome 90s style.

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