Thursday, March 14

space race

So I don't know if many of you have an email subscription to clothing store Wasteland, but I do. And today, I was constantly getting emails, and continuously reading them. Anyways, one of the emails was from Wasteland and had this picture inside. It was advertising their new vintage that arrived online, and all I saw was that epic shirt. It was love at first sight and I immediately clicked the link and scrolled until I found the shirt. Under $50, it's understood that everything from the Wasteland vintage section is one of a kind, with emphasis on one. I raced through the checkout, and bought it. I felt very victorious. I imagine this is what it felt like to the Americans during the space race when they were the first ones to make it to the moon. When I received my "shipped" confirmation, I went back to the page. The shirt was gone. Victorious indeed.

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