Wednesday, October 5

its hard to dance with the devil on your back

Chanel RTW Spring 2012

I don't like to put celebrities on the blog. I feel like they cheat when it comes to fashion. They can afford to buy expensive clothes and expensive stylists to make them look good. But I couldn't help it when looking at the front row at the Chanel show in Paris this week. From the top, Sean Lennon with girlfriend/model Charlotte Kemp Muhl, Leigh Lezark, Alexa Chung with Jared Leto, a shot of a model with Chanel pearls on her back, and last, but certainly not least, Karl Lagerfeld walking down with Florence Welch. Florence looked barely recognizable (except with her bright, red, iconic hair), and her dress is what struck me the most. It was designed by Karl Lagerfeld specifically for her performance at the show. I added the last shot just to show how amazing the dress is. I'm thinking of maybe making the "celebrity" exception for Florence. Everyone knows she has amazing style. SHE knows how to dress.

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