Wednesday, November 9

we stick together like dirty horse flies

Black Milk Clothing

Remember that Steve Buscemi dress that caused a huge stir a few months back? Well, I actually was interested in buying it, and so I tracked down the clothing line (which was kind of difficult), and checked out their line. Black Milk Clothing was the brand, and the dress unfortunately sold out in a flash (after crashing their website, of course) but they definitely had a great selection to choose from. Bodycon dresses, leggings and swimsuits with brilliantly clever and ridiculously cool designs make the brand a name to remember. 

Buy all these looks HERE.

Song of the day: "Greenwich Meantime" by Charlotte Gainsbourg


  1. LOVE IT !!!
    I soooo want the last pair of leggings !!!
    This post is just YUMMY
    I think your blog is really cool :)

  2. i LOVE your cool skeleton legging!!!
    Like the dresses as well. xx

    The-Bel (Fashion Blog, Online Shop)