Tuesday, November 22

i'm gonna make somebody love me

Alexander McQueen heels

I remember once walking through the shoe department of a Nordstrom in South Coast Plaza. It was (circa) 2005 and I was a little goth kid waiting for my mom to be done at the beauty department. I was aimlessly walking among these shoes that I could have cared less about. They all looked plain and the same, a sea of neutral colored pumps and plain flats. Then something caught my eye. At first, it was a pair of flats with the British flag embroidered along the top. They were next to a pair of (what I thought) were neutral colored pumps. As I go to grab the British flats, I was startled by the realization that a bare foot was next to my hand. The table was dedicated to Alexander McQueen and my hand was, actually, next to the pair of shoes in the first picture. I was going to dedicate the post to those shoes, the shoes that made me realize designers and high-end fashion were not all a sea of neutral pumps, but after looking through quite a few seasons of McQueen's brilliant insanity, I decided to make the post a bit less specific.

Song of the Day: ¨Do You Want To¨ by FRANZ FERDINAND

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