Thursday, December 29

i won't waste it

A few photos from the last week including my amazing new camera I got as a gift. I'm having so much fun breaking it in and experimenting with the different settings. Also a crotch shot of some shorts I was wearing today, a shot of Elyssian park, a cool garden display at the Getty and my friend and I taking a picture inside a very baroque room also at the Getty. I NEVER take those "oh I look so cool I need to take a picture of myself but there's no one here so I'll take it in the mirror" kind of shots, but the room was just so rad it seemed like a brilliant idea, and I think it came out pretty well.

Song of the Day: "Weapon of Choice"  by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club

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  1. it did! we took it to show the contrast of the room and our outfits! :)