Friday, December 2

Marni for H&M

So I don't know what H&M was thinking when they released their Versace line. I came the same day the line launched (albeit at 7 pm) the line was COMPLETELY gone. There was absolutely nothing showing that the line even existed at the store. No empty sales racks, no empty space where the line could have been, it was as if the line was an urban legend. The sales woman told me they sold out of everything that morning. So, I'm not gonna lie, I'm very skeptical and slightly pessimistic towards H&M now. 

Now, H&M has announced their next designer collaboration with Marni. What I know best about Marni is what I've seen on Alexa Chung (she's wearing Marni tops in the pictures above). Quirky graphic tees and prints, and I am a bit of a fan of the line, although I personally have never purchased anything from Marni. Although I will go to H&M when the line is released (about March of next year), but again, I may be slightly cynical in doing so....

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