Wednesday, April 4

i don't believe in magic

A TON of UNIF, my new trippy shrooms t shirt (I'm really getting into tie dye, I'm starting to see it a lot), I also went to a UNIF sample sale this week. I wasn't even planning to go until someone offered to pick me up on my lunch break and take me. Lucky me because I ended up with two dresses and a perfectly distressed t shirt for $90. I should've taken pictures, but the stress of getting back to work in time was killing me. Also, some DIY studded/spiked converse I made and my lovely neon Cambridge Satchel. Everyone makes comments on the color, and I think it's the perfect contrast since I'm always wearing black.

Song of the Day: "The Valley" by Eisley

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  1. that all star shoes really rock! i love converse and this one is just amazingly studded, if i may say! :) great pix Sheebanna and great blog. :) happy blogging!