Wednesday, April 25


A few quick shots from Coachella. I'm not nearly as depressed as some people when it's over, just because Coachella is so physically exhausting. Long story short about this weekend, we bought general admission passes, my foxy car got us picked for the Carpoolchella contest and we won backstage passes. It was insanely amazing, golf cart rides to all the stages, rubbing elbows with celebrities, free water and beer and the best part was we had an exclusive section in the front of every stage just for backstage pass holders. Some quick notes on the other photos, that's Kaiser Chiefs, my friend was lounging on the couches backstage and when it got too hot, I sat down, and saw the next pair of shoes I will buy. Perfect with mini floral dresses and denim jackets, no?

Song of the Day: "Dream Again" by FRANZ FERDINAND

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