Thursday, March 7

Coachella 2013 Outfit no. 1

coachella 1

I honestly don't know how people decide what they will wear to Coachella. Or when they decide it. All I know is I plan my outfits before they even announce the line-up. To me, it's pretty much the second most important thing about Coachella besides the music. The first outfit I'm definitely gonna sport is a black cage bra with a sheer black skirt. I won't, however, have a lining, but instead be wearing some high-waisted swim bottoms I bought last year. Also, to off set all the black, my hologram purse, which is the same one pictured, with some hologram boots.  These sandals were the closest when it came to color. Hopefully when I'm done with the boots, I'll post them as well. As for jewelry, just some earcuffs, and I'm set.

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