Monday, April 29

Muse Monday: Rita Ora

Rita Ora in Berlin

This week's Muse is the lovely singer Rita Ora. I'll be totally honest, I'd never actually heard a song by Rita Ora until I got my Elle issue this month with her on the cover. I have, however, seen Rita Ora all over the place for at least a year. She first landed on my radar because of her BFF Cara Delevingne. After that, she became a muse to one of my favorite designers Hedi Sliman, right when he came out with his first Saint Laurent collection. The last thing that made me solidify the idea of making her on the blogs Muses was two weeks ago when she was seen at Coachella in all UNIF. If Cara and Hedi adore her, and she adores UNIF, Ora's got what it takes to be our Muse.

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