Wednesday, April 17

Coachella Outfit No. 3

coachella outfit no. 3

With Coachella over for some, it's just around the corner for others, including me. The last outfit I will wear at Coachella was last minute because I bought it so last minute. I originally had another dress for day three, but returned  that as the UNIF shredder dress became available. Last Fall, I took advantage of Topshop's swimsuit sale and bought these high waist bottoms for $20, and a black string top for $16. If it gets too hot, I can just take off the dress and run around in my swimsuit like most Coachella girls. I wanted to wear a lot of 90s accessories, so the hologram glasses and tattoo chokers seemed perfect. A dark lip, comfy chelsea boots and this Topshop backpack will complete my last look for what's supposed to be the hottest day this weekend.

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