Thursday, March 15

Coachella Outfit #3

Coachella #3

For my third (and unfortunately last) Coachella outfit, I'm playing on the mint trend. I bought a Topshop chiffon mint top that has an open back that resembles this one and I also recently bought some mint green Vivienne Westwood socks that I want to wear with some Dr. Martens, to add a tough edge. Speaking of that tough edge, I've been obsessed with studding lately, so I have some studded shorts that will go great with the outfit. I was thinking about bringing a Cambridge satchel, but the neon color really won't work so I'm re-thinking that. Hahaha. As Coachella nears, the excitement builds up for, literally, the greatest weekend of the year.

Song of the Day: "I Spy" by Pulp

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