Wednesday, March 21

if you're a target then i guess i'm one too

So yesterday I took a trip to Target that was supposed to take no more than 30 min, and I ended up being there for about 1 1/2 hours. I never intended to make a post about Target, but it really just came about, much like the JCPenney post I did a while back. I just couldn't believe all the awesome stuff they were selling. I mean, I love target, I always have, and I always knew they were extremely underrated. But yesterday, I was kind of surprised to find that every department had something insanely awesome! In accessories, I found some insanely cool printed backpacks and a few Cambridge Satchel lookalikes. In beauty, they had a ton of pastel nail polish colors all for under $6! Then the clothing department had several of-the-moment items like faded skinny leopard jeans, Western-esque fringe tunics, Coachella worthy floral denim and clearanced Jason Wu. I also saw some really rad ankle rainboots that look exactly like Melissa Shoes. The last photo is a picture of my cart, of course the necessities like conditioner, hair ties and sheer tights. I left with a few extras like the amazing chiffon Jason Wu top and the new Shins album. There was so much I couldn't add all the pictures, there were some cool neon raincoats, tons of other graphic tote bags and some clutches that were to die for! So next time you're in Target, look around! I guarantee you'll leave with something you weren't expecting to find.

Song of the Day: "You're A Target" by No Age

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