Wednesday, March 28

tea party

Topshop; Marni; Forever 21; Asos; Dr. Martens; street style

So, the normal "safe" dress is the LBD. Pretty much everyone knows that. Whether you're going out, staying in or just hanging around the city, the little black dress was a fall back for women who just woke up and didn't know what to put on. I've been there, and I think everyone else has too. But when Spring and Summer roll around, the LBD during the day looks way too Winter gloom. So a few years ago, I started "collecting" floral tea dresses. Same concept as the LBD, but extremely appropriate for summer. I have quite a decent collection of vintage ones, which are personally my favorite. Pair 'em up with some Dr. Martens, and you have a perfect indie/90s grunge vibe to your outfit that looks fresh and effortless. (Double points if you have a floral dress with matching floral Docs!)

Song of the Day: "In Bloom" by Nirvana

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