Friday, March 9

Marni at H&M Launch

So my day yesterday started at 6:30 AM when I woke up and decided to go out for the launch. I had still been debating it. The only thing I really wanted was the sequined collar. I left my house around 7:30 and with a run to Starbucks I was at H&M at around 8, when they were supposed to open. To my surprise, there was about four people outside, then a suited up bodyguard-esque man came and escorted us to a line that seemed endless. I was given a wristband and told I would be allowed in at 10:05 AM, if there was anything left. It was too cold for me to wait around, so I went back home and watched TV. 

At 9:30 AM, I left and returned to the line, that seemed to have gotten longer. The great thing was, right at that moment, they were letting all the people with orange wristbands in, which meant I didn't have to wait at all. We went in the store just to find a portion of the store fenced off, and another line to stand in. The gate had been swarming with the bodyguard-esque men and as I stood in the line, I realized some of the people around me had pink wristbands instead of orange. One of the men came over and started telling everyone with pink wristbands they had to leave. A protest started among the women (who I swear were all at least 40) and I noticed one woman go to the front of the line with a pink wristband. The woman acted as if she had a right to be let in before everyone else. She was immediately sent to the back, and boy, did she make a scene. The woman was an actress that I recognized, but will not be named (because I'm not one of those sites). 

There was such a scramble when they let us through. I thought I would get an eye scratched out, claws of middle-aged women grabbing and flinging toward the ONE rack left with womens clothes. I strategically walked around the side of the rack and grabbed literally the only two item styles left: a pair of pink pajama style tap shorts and a brown leather vinyl top with sweater sleeves. I was fortunate enough to get both in my size and I was first to go into the dressing room. The leather top made me look like a Spanish conquistador ready for battle, but the tap shorts were surprisingly flattering. I immediately imagined them with a vintage rock tee and leather jacket, to tone down the bubble gum pink color. They were perfect, and I made my way out. On the floor of the fitting room entrance were around five bags filled with Marni for H&M clothes that were not on the racks. I proceeded to grab an item when some woman snapped at me, saying everything was hers. She was an older woman, in her 50s, doing God knows what with bags of clothes. Ebay. I left with those great shorts in a cool durable plastic green bag with Marni at H&M stamped on the front. I felt bad for all the people still in line. Waiting for hours, just to find out there was nothing left. But what do you expect from a store that wants this. That wants the scramble, the claws out, the strong desire for lines starting at 5 AM. It's publicity. It's marketing. It's sinister. It's brilliant.

Song of the Day: "Sinister Kid" by The Black Keys

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