Wednesday, April 18

DIY: Galaxy shorts

For this DIY segment, I wanted to try out the galaxy print trend. I've noticed that you can't really buy galaxy print shorts online, and most of them were DIY, so don't spend the money on some new shorts, take out a pair of old black ones and for about $8, make yourself some cool cosmic shorts.

What you'll need: black shorts (any fabric) white fabric paint and at least three other colors, a sponge brush, a fine brush and a thick bristle brush.

 For the paint, I recommend staying with colors that are near the same palette. Sticking with cool or warm colors will ensure a cool design, especially because painting is permanent and if you make a mistake, you're just stuck. Also, pick one or two colors that have glitter or shimmer to them, to add to the cosmic look.

Dip your thick bristle brush into the white paint and spray it onto the shorts. FYI, the paint will get EVERYWHERE! So do this outside or somewhere you can easily remove the paint. Do this as much as possible all over. Fortunately for this step, you can't overdo it.

Take a plate and pour out some paint, about the size of a nickel. Take your sponge brush and blot it several times before working on your shorts. Remember: if it's too little, the design still comes out well, but if it's too much, an unwanted effect may result.

Start making random designs over the shorts. An easy fool-proof way is to start with small circular motions and spiral outward. Clockwise motions always give a great result.

For the larger nebulas, start with an amount in the corner and just use the sponge brush to spread it outward. What I did here was put some white paint down first then apply the purple in some areas. I also mixed the white and purple to create a lilac and I spread that around as well. Use several colors in the nebulas to give a cool cosmic effect. 

Afterwards, it's about adding detail. On my green universe, I added some green lines with the fine paint brush. Also, splatter some more white paint (stars) on top of your nebulas and galaxies.

Don't forget to paint the waistband and belt loops. For these, just take some paint and wipe it over. Your shorts are already a little wrinkled on those areas and it makes an amazing effect.

And there you have it! Some cosmic shorts. Really the whole process is so much easier and faster than you might think. You just have to get over the fact that it's easy to ruin the shorts. TIP: take some black fabric scraps or an old black t shirt to try it out first, if you're afraid to go straight to your shorts. It will give you a boost of confidence and allow you to find what effect you like to create best. Happy painting!

Song of the Day: "Extra Astronomical" by Klaxons


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