Sunday, September 23

Breadcrumb trail

Now that I am the new author of le rebelle doux, I will be posting more of men street style photos. Here is the first flow of well-dressed gentlemen from NY and London. I think these looks are pretty classic, yet they include some of the latest trends: prints, plaids and monochrome. Stay tuned for more men street style!

P. S. Note the guy on the first photo is wearing pieces from J.W. Anderson for Topshop collection, the post of which we did earlier. Even though it's supposedly for women, he is totally rocking it! So guys don't be afraid to experiment with your style, and, honestly, if you are confident in yourself, you can put a sheet over your head and still look incroyable.

rester rebelle,
Timur B.


  1. Love the music on your site, and the "put a sheet over your head and still look incroyable" advice. So true! Some days, I am dressed like hell but feel incredible anyways, and some days, I can try on all of my most amazing clothing and still feel far from incroyable. All in your head!