Thursday, September 6

Lookbook: London Edition

So Free People has a new lookbook and catalog for their September new arrivals. September really is the beginning of a major season and really predicts and signals what you'll be seeing the next 6 months. Personally it's my favorite month (my birthday is this month too) and I love Fall. Furthermore, I love what Free People is doing in this lookbook. Honestly, they are trying a little too hard to mimic a Kate Moss look, but aren't we all at one point or another. I've been dying to get my hands on more cool bell bottoms and I NEED a leopard coat. Like you need air, I need the coat in the last picture. Fashion week is also among us, so stay tuned for some NYFW looks.

Shop the looks HERE.

Song of the Day: "Anarchy In The U.K." by The Sex Pistols

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