Wednesday, September 12

i wanna party like it's 1999

Several photos from the past two weeks including some insane hologram sunglasses I scored on ebay, some even more rad vintage Bill Blass and Armani I scored at Goodwill, a pile of clothes on my bed while I was trying to decide what to wear on labor day (I had to remind myself it's not 1972), a sign at Space 15 Twenty and some nail art from the awesome ladies at Kleur. I booked an appointment with Kleur at their Space 15 Twenty location and paid $45 for this manicure set. Honestly, I think it's totally worth it. They normally charge $35, but I wanted a special set that cost more. It's awesome. I can't stop staring at my nails. And as I type this, my heart breaks a little at the thought that they typing will slowly chip away at the polish. Good thing I already booked my next appointment.

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