Wednesday, January 30

Hermes X Commes des Garcons

Usually, designer collaborations will be with cheaper retailers like Target or H&M, which we love. What we don't see too often are designer collaborations with other designers. I guess we kind of imagine them all fighting each other in a war zone, but that's simply not the case. Hermes and Commes des Garcons are collaborating for a much more expensive collection that features Hermes' signature silk scarves with the craziness of Commes Des Garcons. So far, only these 8 designs have been released and it's not sure whether the line will expand, but these are some pretty kick-ass scarves. They start at around $400 and will be released next month in Hermes stores, although eBay will soon follow.

le rebelle douce,

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  1. Hermes will always equate to expensive, no matter the collaboration!