Saturday, January 26


I recently had a conversation with a couple people about watches in this new technological era. If you need to look at the time, you usually reach for your phone, whether or not you're wearing a watch. But watches are definitely here to stay and have become way more of a fashion statement than anything. I still buy and wear watches, and most people I know do too. Whether it's menswear inspired like the Michael Kors, baroque like the D&G, a really rad 90s design like the Moschino, or something vintage inspired like the Pulsar watch at the top, all of these designs are ridiculously awesome and have me thinking which one I would buy next. All of the watches above and a ton more are available at British Watch Company. They have a ton of different discount codes available each week and do free watch adjustments, which is pretty awesome. 

Check out all the designs and British Watch Company HERE.

le rebelle douce,

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