Friday, February 17

Coachella Outfit Day Two

Coachella Outfit 2

My second day outfit for Coachella. Although I am quite positive about what I'm wearing to the festival this year, I think I may end up wearing this for Day one. Still not sure, but anyways, I wanted to show the hi-lo trend that I've been in love with lately with a UNIF chiffon skirt that looks like the one above. I thought a bustier would look good, but I definitely want to keep it all black (although in 100 degree weather that might not be smart). Bringing my water bottle with a built in filter and some Dr. Scholls gellin inserts that will save my feet that weekend. Also wearing my Theyskens' Theory bag which looks like the one above, but with a really cool strap detail. Topshop accessories are the main thing with this outfit: arm cuffs, hand armor, and stackable rings. So excited for the festival.

Song of the Day: "2 + 2 = 5" by Radiohead

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