Monday, February 27

Muse Monday: Lily Collins

Forever Young: Lily Collins

This week's Muse is actress Lily Collins. Right off the bat, I know you may be wondering why she's the Music Muse, but you may not know that this fashionista in the making is the daughter of singer Phil Collins. Collins stars in the Snow White adaptation Mirror Mirror alongside Julia Roberts next month. Another film Collins starred in was The Blind Side where she portrayed Sandra Bullocks daughter. Lily Collins' name now should be ringing a bell in your head, and I mean c'mon, did you really know that she was Phil Collins daughter? She's on the cover on Nylon Magazine this month where she reveals quite a few other interesting hobbies she's dabbled with including modeling (she's walked for Tommy Hilfiger), writing (she writes a column called 'LA Confidential' for Elle Girl UK) and interviewing (she's done interviews for Teen Vogue). Our muse is quite the chameleon in the fashion industry and with new blockbuster roles coming her way, Lily Collins is definitely the girl to be looking out for.

Song of the Day: "Drifting In And Out" by Chairlift

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