Friday, February 3

what i have is nothing that you want

Some photos from the past week. The first picture is of a boucle Charlotte Ronson skirt I bought at JCPenney. $20. You can't beat that. It's a great skirt too. I also bought the UNIF "Let's F" tee. Basically (because I know you're all wondering what ELLGY POCR means) if you line up the red dots on the side, it spells "fuck". Try it with a piece of paper with the dots aligned in the same exact place. Raise the lower dot over to meet the dot next to ELLGY. It's pretty cool. Also I saw Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr. this week at the Echoplex. It was a really good show and I think every show is great when there's a bubble machine. At one point the guys put on these cool glow in the dark jackets which is pictured above. Very cool.

Song of the Day: "Nothing But Our Love" by Dale Earnhardt Jr. Jr.

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