Wednesday, February 8

Featured Designer: REDWOLF treasures

REDWOLF Treasure jewelry

I've been a little obsessed with tumblr lately... (Follow le rebelles doux HERE)... and through my endless rummaging of pictures gifs, I found an amazing jewelry designer based in Portland. REDWOLF treasures specializes in one-of-a-kind/of-the-moment jewelry with a hint of Western style. A ton of earcuffs, harness bracelets and charm necklaces sums up the best pieces of the brand. All the charms feature shark teeth, feathers, arrowheads and spikes (which is really up my alley). The cherry on top is that all the pieces are under $25!

Visit their Etsy site HERE.

Song of the Day: "Wolf & I" by OH Land 


  1. Looks like an awesome site to keep people informed on the latest, affordable, fasion accessories. Great job. I might just scoop up the odd cool item here, for my girlfriend. She'll think I'm so cool. Well done.

  2. I LOVE the harness bracelets! May have to pick one up!! Thanks :D