Wednesday, November 7

La grosse pomme

Some of the pictures I took in NYC before Sandy hit the East coast and the weather was warm. The first picture is the view of Manhattan from the rooftop of Sky Hotel where I was invited to a party. I feel like because there are so many skyscrapers in NYC there is always a rooftop party somewhere. If not, you can just go to one of the rooftop bars that are also in abundance. Also,  if you live in NYC or are visiting, make sure you go and see Floating Kabarette show in Brooklyn. It's fairly close to Manhattan, and the tickets are cheap considering sky-high prices of bars and clubs on the island itself. The city in the rays of setting sun is New Jersey. In NYC where you don't see the sun that often, to see the whole city in sun light is pretty incredible, so I enjoyed the moment and tried to depict it on the photo. Yan Ray (see previous posts) and I on the last two pictures. I am wearing H&M t-shirt, Givenchy shorts and David Beckham for H&M tights. On the next picture, I'm wearing H&M white t-shirt, Cheap Monday jeans, vintage cape and Celine bag.

Le rebelle doux,
Timur B.

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