Monday, November 19

Muse Monday: Debbie Harry

debbie harry

One of the original CBGB punk bands was Blondie. I don't think many people know that, but Debbie Harry constantly graced the disgustingly cool club during the 70s in New York City. Harry was the epitome of the original punk girl. Lean and bleach blonde with a voice to kick anyone's ass,  Harry wore barely there dresses and bold blue eyeshadow, not that she needed it to be noticed. Making the transition from CBGB punk to iconic radio superstar seem effortless and easy, Harry also became a muse of Andy Warhol. Warhol painted her in a now iconic painting, with bright yellow hair and electric blue eyes. I think we should have a rule: if you were a muse of Andy Warhol, you are definitely our muse.

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